Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fonkam Azu’u on Crusade to Sensitize NW on Biometric Registration

 By FC Ndi
Fonkam Au'u
The Board Chairman of Elections Cameroon has kick-started a Regional tour that will enable him to meet stakeholders to give ample information on the ongoing biometric recompilation of voters register using the biometric system. Talking to the Press in Bamenda a fortnight ago, Dr. Fonkam Azu’u ELECAM Boss said after the official launching in Yaounde, his team will tour the seven divisions of the Northwest Region to meet stakeholders in the process. He told the press that in the process, the identity card and thumb prints must be presented before registration. When quiz by journalists whether the system also made provisions for people without fingers or the blind, he responded that all necessary measures have been put in place to make sure that everyone is included in the process. On double registration, Dr. Fonkam Azu’u warned that anyone want caught trying to register more than once will be dealt with accordingly in conformity with the law.  On whether measures have been put in place to ensure that localities without electricity will not pay the price of not being relegated, he told media men and women that special generators were acquired to ensure a smooth registration everywhere. When also asked why registration could start at the same time, day and date nationwide, he replied that the kits were not sufficient enough for all the 360 councils. On the out cry on the violation of the electoral law especially section 74 (2) he said, ELECAM had seek the opinion of political leaders, civil society and others before taking such a decision, yet further explained that voters registration could begin on January as indicated by the law because of the lack of financial means. According to Fonkam Azu’u ELECAM could not respect the law which states that registration begins in January and ends in August every year but he however failed woefully to demonstrate which laws were used in that effect. Meaning, the electoral laws were being violated with the complicity of the civil society and political leaders.on the single ballot paper, he said it is complicated and disadvantageous in Cameroon where there are more than 200 political parties. For example, what this reporter observed was that during the SDF Convention counting was tedious, and consumed time alot. 

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