Tuesday, October 16, 2012

GBHS Nkambe Deteriorating (1)

 By Cassimando
GBHS Nkambe Going (1)
Government Bilingual High School Nkambe, a one-time citadel of standards is reported wallowing in the gutter and desperately in need of divine intervention. In fact according to what we gathered, GBHS Nkambe may have been sacrificed to those who are at their worst because the vision that institution as the window of education in Donga Mantung Division is on its last legs. The one-time most admirable institution which in the early 80s stood the taste if time and was the pride of the entire division has been sparked by an irreplaceable spark, in the hopeless swamps of the approximate, the not-quite, the not-yet, and the not-at-all looms as precarious indication predicts. According to information gathered, GBHS has been transformed into a sink hole that puts to question the present state of nature of the school. It is unbelievable that some newly transferred teachers are threatening to go on strike because the school administration could not afford to provide them little allowances. Public opinion in Nkambe is aghast that these newly transferred teachers were lodged at the school dormitory just because the school administration didn’t want to provide them the little allowances yet, they are said to have taken the school administration to the Senior Divisional Officer-Nzekie Theophile for an immediate solution or go to the street. The issue according to what we gathered exploded today October 16, as the teachers stormed the SDO’ office threatening. Eyewitness indicated that the mayhem is a hot potato in the hands of the administration that could take the school to slumber any moment.  
More so, there is a lot of controversy surrounding computers that we stolen from the school laboratory. Even though the said thieves were slammed a five years suspended jail term and punished to paid 1.2 million FCFA comment emitting from “sha houses” drinking spots in Nkambe, indicates that parents (PTA) are wondering whether the school Principal Madame Lucia Ngwe Mbogson used 1.2 million FCFA to obtain one iron door.
This judgment that was passed last month on the culprits who were caught appears to be a bit of a joke in Nkambe. But yet, it is alleged that for the case to even appear in Court, it was thanks to the pressure of councilors of the Nkambe council who stormed police charge office and requested that matter of breaking into GBHS Computer Laboratory should be sent to court. Whether the parents of the thieves’ maneuvers as it is alleged remains another mystery giving that one of the accused (relative to a Divisional delegate) was discharged and acquitted. Since money can do and undo, the population of Nkambe is not leaving out the third option in its predictions, since people take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness, that court decision created a lot of sensation. Just because they were not in the street it doesn't mean they've gotten lost.
“We have been requesting for a PTA meeting to know how that money was used but it is difficult” one parent told this reporter. Besides, parents are also questioning why they should pay 5.000 FCFA as computer fees to the school whereas the school has no computer teacher. Furthermore, it is also alleged that the school administration also spent 1.5 million FCFA to repair the school fence made of wood. Some parents are also questioning the whereabout of  the punishment of 10.000 paid by each student caught jumping over the fence and unconfirmed sources say over 50 students paid the money, yet uncertainty looms in the air as to whether the funds were being paid into the school treasurer or state treasury with receipts. At the time of writing confidential sources hinted that the school bus was spotted around Bamenda at Mile II Nkwen boarded by unknown people and why the services of a mechanics in Nkambe could not be hired to repair the car. Allegations are also rife at that the school is in an iron fist and that some teachers are threatening to seek for transfers. However, rumours are abounding that a certain (VP) was asked by another colleague to clean the table in the office. It should however be noted that last year, GBHS Nkambe had no Geology teacher, and the performance of the school has been the subject of debate in all the quarters in Mbum land. Donga Mantung elites in Yaounde we gathered held a meeting recently and frowned at the manner at which the school administration is handling issues. Some say, it is because some of these administrators claim they have their God-fathers at the Presidency of the Republic and they could do and undo. (up next part II)

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