Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Journalists, SCNC Activits Arrested on October 1

 Martin Fon Yembe (Publisher/Editor) of the Frontier Telegraph and Bature Mvochon from Nigeria who works for (African Magazine) are reported under police custody in Buea. According to sources, the two journalists were picked up by police while they were covering the 51th anniversary of the Independence of Southern Cameroons organized by the Southern Cameroons National Council- SCNC . The town of Buea was reported to be under the control of forces of law and order as many SCNC activists are said to have been arrested. Mola Lutimbe, is also said to have been placed again under house arrest as was the case last year. According to what we gathered SCNC activists who stormed Buea to commemorate October 1, 2012 were picked by police before some could reach the ceremonial ground. Some of them were picked up in areas like Mutegene, Ekona, Great Soppo, Tiko, Mile 14 Limbe etc etc..... Some of the areas our sources added were transformed into military barracks as homes and residential areas were ransacked by law enforcement officials to fish out all the activists who have traveled from far of areas to be part of the celebration.
Fon Martin Yembe
It should be recalled that on October 1, 2012 some SCNC activists were arrested and the hearing of the matter was pushed to 18, November 2012.
The SCNC it should be noted is asking for the Independence of Southerns Cameroon and created in 1990, the movement is leaving to stone unturned to create public awareness on what they say "Annexation of the Southern Cameroon". Nfor Nfor SCNC National Chairman is quoted to have said that this year will be different. Yet, Yaunde is still mute over the celebration of the 50 anniversary of Reunification billed for Buea this year. October 1, 2012 is now history, yet Yaounde is making no statement as to whether the celebrations will take place as earlier announced by President Biya or not.

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