Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Journalists Threaten to Boycott Public Events

Journalists of the private media based in Bamenda, regional capital of the North West are threatening to boycott all public events organized by the administration. The Bamenda based journalists are angered by what they described as administrative bottle necks in the field aimed at frustrating their activities. A majority of those who spoke to us affirmed that they will give a blackout to all government events in as much as the administration doesn't stop intrigues. It should be noted that a fortnight ago, Bamenda journalists frowned at the manner at which the communication unit of the Governor's office is operating. The journalists  were further angered by the fact that the Secretary General at the Governor's office who summoned a meeting to instill some order, described the journalists as " an embarrassment"  to the administration.   A description which according to NW Chapter President of CAMASEJ should be withdrawn because "one cocoyam cannot spoil a basket full". The accumulated grievances between Bamenda journalists and the Communication Unit of the Governor's office finally exploded during the visit of Minister Jules Doret Ndongo to the flood victims at Bebessi in Ngoketunjia. Sources say the journalists said the administration was making things difficult for them in the field and that even access to information and other practical modalities is reserved only to the state own media and some newly (recruited of the 25.000) at the Governor's office and the Regional Delegation of Communication for the North West Region. Allegations are rife professional associations and syndicates have agreed that the private media should boycott all events organized by the administration in the region.
Ebune Confiance, SG to the Governor's office is also quoted to have told journalists that the administration will make sure that the laws are implemented. Journalists were told to deposit copies of their newspapers at the SDO's office as well as Governor and the state counsel. According to eyewitness account, the Communication unit has been segregative in dishing out invitations to media houses for coverage. More so, it is even alleged that competent and practicing journalists were being sidelined while the staff of the delegation of Communication were constantly invited to cover events whereas they do not represent any media organ. This morning we gathered journalists of the private media have vowed to boycott all events organized by the administration in the region.

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