Saturday, October 20, 2012

Donga Mantung Adminstration Resolves Land Crisis at Mbawrong (Mbaw Plain)

 By Ricky Baweson
An atmosphere of stale familiarity which was looming in the Mbaw plain over a disputed farm land at Mbawrong as been cleared. Before the matter was cleared, there  was tension between Njirong and Ntumbaw villages (in Ndu Sub Division) over patches of farmlands located at Mbawrong which according administrative documents and even testimonies is part and parcel of Njirong village.  The land crisis which started as far back as 2004 resurfaced again between the two villages and almost resulted to confrontation recently.. Yet, the disputed area doesn’t have common boundary with Ntumbaw reasons why the fon of Ntumbaw was mute when asked to justify how he came to own land far off. Sources hinted that the matter which was laid to rest in 2004, resurfaced when the Cameroon Development Corporation-CDC is said to have visited the locality in search of land to set up a palm plantation and that strangers were spotted selling large pieces of land which they were not supposed to do so. More so, some farmers are also said to have transformed themselves to land owners and sold out large portions to the detriment of the peace loving people and the fon of Njirong, HRH Fon Ngahjoh who is said to be the custodian of the land. According what Donga Mantung SDO told this reporter when accosted, the people of Njirong village in a solidarity invited the fon of Ntumbaw to come and farm rice with them and gave him part of their land. Since crops were doing well, farmers from Ntumbaw also followed their fon to cultivate crops and after many years, those who begged land to cultivate crops are selling it. Today, the fon of Ntumbaw say he only shares boundary with the people of Ntem and Mbonso, meaning that entire Mbawrong is his land. When the SDO for Donga Mantung Division, Nzekie Theophile visited the area, ready to fight youths from Ntumbaw invaded the area and were threatening that they will not allow the administration to take their land and hand to Njirong village. But the SDO and his team were logical to have proven to the people of Ntumbaw that they have no right over the said piece of land. They were told to stop the sales of land and only farm their crops because the land do not belong to them. More so, the Fon of Ntumbaw was also told to write a lterre of apology to the Fon of Njirong. There is reported to have dancing and merrymaking at the Njirong Fons palace over the weekend to celebrate the success. Sources hinted that Njirong people for their hospitality have not been hostile as after all the intrigues, accepted that the people of Ntumbaw should continue to cultivate crops on the said land. SDO Nzekie Theophile applauded the levelheadedness of the elite of Njirong and added that they have proven that dialogue and mutual co-existence is the prerequisite for any successful society of good people.He however told the people of Ntumbaw and the fon that they have three months to apologize to the people of Njirong. Nzekie Theophile continued that if by December 31st, 2012 the said apology is not submitted, the people of Ntumbaw will face the rage of the law. Before leaving Mbawrong, he acknowledged the fact that the two villages accepted dialogue. But added that when the apology is submitted the people of Njirong and Ntumbaw will be referred back to the 2004 land resolution on the disputed piece of land.
It is alleged that during the stormy meeting of October 18, 2012, the fon of Ntumbaw could not provide documents which clearly justifies that the piece of land belongs to his fondom. Acting on the 2004 administrative decision and following recommendations from the Nkambe Court of First Instance, the SDO and his team of experts recommended that no person from Ntumbaw should henceforth sell land at the disputed area. However, sources from the disputed area say there is calm and serenity as the people of Njirong are looking at the administration to settle the dispute for once and for all.
In a similar story, the population of Nkambe town is also said to be aghast with the Donga Mantung administration over the allocation of land belonging to the Nkambe District Hospital to the Catholic Church and part of the Nkambe Council land to some personalities without consultation with local authorities. The population is questioning whether with a growing population, the Nkambe District hospital could not be expanded in the nearest future reason why they are against the fact that the piece of land allocated for the hospital has been handed over to the church. More so, the Donga Mantung Community Radio is located in part of the land which implies that the radio may likely be transferred whereas at it present location, it air weaves get to the entire division. By so doing, many have argued, the population shall be deprived of information.
(Coming Up: How Tempers are flaring in Nkambe over the Distribution of Nkambe Council Land by the SDO, Reactions from the population and other stakeholders)

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