Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Biya Regime Accelerates the Repatrition of President Adhijo's Corps?

Gradually, the arrest of former Minister of Territorial Administration and sentence may change many things in Cameroon. The Marafa letters we gathered have ignited the Biya regime to accelerate its plans to bring back home the remains of former Statesman late President Ahmadou Ahidjo. The Head of State and former Minister of State Marafa Hamidou Yaya, know decidedly more respite the prevailing truth that the mortal remains of former Head of State was never brought back home.  And now, thanks to their political rivalry rumours are bound and the thorny issue of repatriation of the remains of former President Ahmadou Ahidjo, who died in Dakar on 30 November 1989, is back on the news.  Sources say Biya’s allies in the North are of the opinion that for him to gain their support, the only solution is to the repartition of President Ahdijo’s remains from Senegal.
Confidential sources have hinted that President Biya is determined to re-launch the repatriation of the remains of his predecessor. Sources say President Biya has already assigned someone to mediate for the repartition.  Ahidjo Mohamadou alias Badjika still do not know where to head.  Yet it is not clear whether the former head of state’s family will show any "sign of life" on the subject which has been given by Paul Biya, the least we can say is that his credit with his family, especially in Germaine Ahidjo is found seriously undermined. Accused of having been fooled by the President, his inability to move the lines increases naturally with the "guardian of the tomb of the ex-President" means the distrust which, in fact, it is actually rarely parted.
Aware of the situation and anxious to quickly restart talks, the President may, according to various sources, give a new signal by appointing Mohamadou Ahidjo in government.  However, many Northerners do not see this as anything even if he is appointed into government.
According to information revealed by Le Sahel, the appointment could sink into a stalemate - create a problem of leadership in the family which would imply that the Biya could again appeal for an intermediary who enjoys the confidence of all parties. In any case, one thing is certain; it will no longer be Dr. Emile Derlin Zinzou, the former head of state of Benin, a close family friend to the Ahidjos, who threw the towel in 2010 after he spent two years mediating with Biya in vain. When he finally met Biya, the audience with Paul Biya at the Palace on March 31, 2008, left a glimmer of hope by the indecision of the President of the Republic.

After reassuring the region of the Far North for her good spirits against him during his last trip and maneuvering to break the political block, Biya is working now to rebuild the political map of the Benue the stronghold of the former minister of state, Marafa Hamidou Yaya.
At first during his recent visit to the North Paul Biya has first served a foot note to CPDM local executives, to sing his song on the fight against corruption. This was followed by tons of Motions of Support fabricated in offices.  So there, the President had had eyes only for the victims, snubbing political cadres of the party to whom it has granted any respect.  But indicators are clear that Biya would search of a rare bird that could limit the damages in the upcoming local elections. According to many analysts, the decline in the Benue CPDM could be in favor of UNDP, no doubt that the  Marafa Hamidou Yaya factor is playing it in his disfaour. To avoid this "symbolic defeat," the North is of the opinion that the head should fall, including the government. The most crucial is the protocol rank of the future "soldier" understood that the leader of the National Union for Democracy and Progress (Undp), Bello Bouba Maigairi, with the rank of Minister of State could not provide the aspiration that would satisfy Marafa’s supporters.

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