Thursday, November 1, 2012

30th Anniversary Message to President Paul Biya from Nwa Council

 Well Done, Mr. President!
Your 30 years at the helm of this great nation have been characterized by peace, unity, social dialogue, freedom for Cameroonians, and greatly achieved through the improvement in Human rights and democracy. Added to these, is sound economic policy, improvement in our education systems, with emphasis on bilingualism and a commitment for advancement of our democratic structures.
Your foreign policy crowns it all with spectacular events like Cameroon’s admission into the Commonwealth and Francophonie, each, being a prestigious comity of nations. We need not emphasize your skilful handling of the Bakassi crisis. The Nwa municipality joins you wholeheartedly to celebrate your 30th anniversary at the helm of state, praying God to give you and family, many more years at the helm of the state and more wisdom to continue piloting state affairs.
·    considering your policy of bringing administration closer to the people
·    Mindful of the fact that Nwa is the oldest Sub Division in the North West Region, the peace loving people of Nwa would like to plead to the Head of State at this special occasion that our Sub Division should be transformed into a full flesh Division.
On behalf the living forces of Nwa, I, Dr. Ngomfe Loma-David, Mayor of Nwa Council would like to express our encouragement to you as Cameroonians celebrate your 30 years in power. We wish you Good Health, God guidance and Pray He gives you more years to celebrate at the helm of this nation. Once more Happy Anniversary Mr. President.

Signed: Dr. Ngomfe Loma-David
Mayor of Nwa Council

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