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At Homecoming NUDP National Youth President, Dr. Ndansi Elvis Honoured

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Ndansi Elvis Honoured
Dr. Ndansi Elvis Nukam who was voted National Youth President of the National Union for Democracy and Progress last February has been honoured with a traditional title by the Wimbum Community in Bamenda. Dr. Ndansi Elvis staged a homecoming to thank his party colleagues for supporting his candidature. Flanked by members of the Central Committee of the party, some members of the political bureau as well as executive members of the youth wing of the party, Dr. Ndansi Elvis Nukam received a coronation dubbed “Tamfu” from members of the Mfuh society, meaning the warrior. Before handing dressing him publicly in traditional outfit, the leader of the Mfuh said Donga Mantung Division is swollen with pride as one of their son who was elected National Youth President of NUDP. As a matter of fact, the event that took place at Ideal Park Hotel on November 23, 2012 was the only opportunity for the people to add their own title to encourage him and say “son were are behind you”.
Addressing NUDP militants, Dr. Ndansi Elvis promised that make North West proud and all those who supported his candidature. Accordingly, Dr. Ndansi Elvis Nukam told NUDP militants in the North West Region and Cameroon as a whole. In his recommendations to strengthen the party in the Region, he said “militancy in a political party is first justified by the influence at the base”. He further emphasized that militants should go back to their bases because without a strong base “you are zero in the eyes of NUDP”. He cautioned against the notion of regional politics. More so he added that “in as much as some people fight change, others run away from change but we must embrace change”. To him, for the party to excel and obtain good results NUDP militants in the North West Region must set aside their individual differences and hatred, “our little difference will not lead us anywhere but will rather slow down our own great achievements and benefits in the party”. Dr. Ndansi Elvis also recounted how on May 25, 1990, former Prime Minister Maigari Bello Bouba, then in exile announced the formation of a new party, the National Union for Democracy and Progress in Cameroon, in Paris. He also recalled how on March 1, 1992, the NUDP put forward complete lists in 45 out of 49 constituencies (for 167 seats) and won a total g 68 seats out 180 in the National Assembly. In the North the party won all the 12 seats, 10 in the Adamawa, 13 of the 15 seats in the South West, 13 out of 25 in West Regions respectively thus becoming the second largest political party at the National Assembly behind the ruling CPDM that won 88 seats.
On his part, Maidadi said he disagrees with the saying that Yaounde is the political capital of Cameroon. He said Garoua and Bamenda are the political headquarters of Cameroon and not Yaounde as often claimed. On the popular saying that the SDF is the leading opposition party in Cameroon. According to Maidadi, the leading political party should be judged from the total suffrage at every election and the highest number of MPs. Maidadi also said he agrees with Mula Litumbe who says the marriage between La Republique du Cameroun and Southern Cameroons has not been valorized and needed to be reviewed. He concluded that the entire North is in the hands of NUDP.

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