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At Last Gregoire Owona Replies Marafa

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 I followed very attentively from the beginning and with keen interest the editorial production of some of my fellow CPDM comrades called up to account for their management of public funds to the courts. But beyond the empathetic posture that I may have over the plight of these “political friends” of yesterday with whom we have all been part of a long course, I always had to refrain from “commenting on their comments,” deeply convinced that it is the magistrates in charge of their cases who most need their arguments, and knowing fully well that the position where I am today, I could equally be called up as well when necessary to answer for an eventual or similar “situation”.
But I can not continuously keep the silent for at least two reasons: first, these cases are brought to trial, even if here and there, appeals and cassation complaints were made.  And on the other hand, this is certainly the main reason for my speaking. One of the convicts, namely Mr. Marafa Hamidou Yaya, chose to talk directly to the Cameroonian people (myself included) simply by calling for an insurrection! I would like to begin by saying to Mr. Marafa no, no, not an uprising, because the change he promises for the future is already underway.
I would like to put it bluntly, through this free forum that: What the press has baptized “the fifth true Marafa letter” contains not only false claims that betray the author’s political consistency, but also contains outrageously declarations that are dangerous for Cameroon and it can not leave indifferent peace-loving men.  More to that I finally discovered like many of you, some media were regularly used to serve us with some information or write-ups at a welled tailored frequency and dosage.
This letter talked of the political agenda of its author: “a society of trust,” that shall be the bearer of “peace, security, justice and shared prosperity.” Besides the fact that the program is already in going on today in our country, one can not fail to be amazed at the ease and speed with which a member of the Political Bureau of the CPDM, who campaigned for the candidate of the Party, the President Paul Biya, during the presidential election of October 9, 2011, was able to build a different “vision”. The sacred text warns, however that: “No one can serve two masters: for either he will hate one and love the other, or he will hold to the one and despise the other ...” Matthew VI, 24.
Everyone can judge the “consistency” of the servant who apparently was caught with his fingers sucked in the honey pot and turns to decry for a scandal. It is not the only contradiction in the famous letter. Then you can read the seventh paragraph: “The support I ask you to give me is a moral support. In any case, it should not favour, violence, nor disturb public order. “This allusion to violence and disturbance of public order is quite revealing of the state of mind of the author who wields both understatement and antiphrasis that is to say the words that are the opposite of what we think. Is it the arsonist who takes the position of firefighter and announced in advance in the chain to ignite fire so that one day if the village is set on fire, he would declare he cannot be the author of the fire? Mask off!
Later in “the fifth letter” the twelfth and last but one paragraph is almost a call for an uprising. Read more: “But this time that you are assailed by doubts and gloom, I am sending you a message of hope and change to come. I am convinced that now from the prison where I am assigned and the place where you are, we can work together to stop the progressive deteriorating state of our country. For this, there is no need to wait seven years yet I do not know what other way. For us, for all those who do not intend to be discouraged, the future is now! “After the SDF offered him some lawyers it seems, we heard Mr. Fru Ndi declaring at its congress last Saturday in Bamenda that “Cameroon can not wait another 6 or 7 years”, but he still ends up inviting Cameroonians to register  on the electoral list!
It is well understood Mr Marafa invites us not to wait for the end of the presidential term, he must, in violation of laws and democratic principles shorten the term of President Paul Biya and make the change here and now. If this is not a call to uprising, what is it then?  How can we understand that this call for a popular uprising and rebellion is coming from someone who ran for nearly a decade, the Ministry of Territorial Administration? How can we accept that this former senior State official ends his letter with a presidential “Long live the Republic”? Could it have to come to Cameroon to forget that which he says he wants (yet) to devote to which is governed by laws, the most important and the first of them is (obviously) being  the Constitution? And that it provides that “the President of the Republic is elected for a term of seven (7) years.” It becomes very dangerous if a candidate forgets that.
The danger is that, it is by an artifice language, that they want invite the people of Cameroon for popular uprising. It is hope that turns its back on democracy. It is attacks on the actions of President Biya himself with the most resolute opponents still agree to recognize that one of his greatest achievements is unquestionably the promotion of democracy and freedom. Therefore, the proposal of Mr. Marafa is the case is a call for a popular uprising and insurgency. It is simply to get us back to practices that we believe are definitely a bygone an old era where every free expression was invariably one name: Subversion! A word that the younger generations can understand neither the content nor the terror to which it refers. A dark period of our history during which it has come to suspend the teachings of the ancient philosophy of Federal Republic of Cameroon, to ensure that the students were imbued with “subversion” of this discipline. Yit could be thought of or think of ...
It is wrong and unfair to speak of a ‘dismal failure of the current policy. “President Biya does not to blush a balance his action, even if things were not facilitated by the economy crisis as well as the loyalty of some men and women he called to his service. I would especially comeback in another forum to talk on it.
An abundant literature exists on methods of devolution political powers and political scientists are much more qualified than me to talk about. But my experience and the practice of politics have taught me that violence and insurgencies are one of the modes to power, it can not and must not be preferred to democratic competition that respects the institutions and laws of the Republic. It has been understood that the conquest for power, is the purpose of Comrade Marafa. This is of course his absolute right as a Cameroonians. On the other hand, relying on the closeness that we shared for years, I can not deny the qualities he embodies. But he should first respond to the court on his responsibilities as a manager of public funds and should differentiate between what is being reproached of him by justice and his political ambitions that he wants to mobilize Cameroonians through an uprising and undemocratic ways.
However, Cameroonians are not fools and will not be trapped easily in the multiple facets of some of their countrymen who for many years were called by President Paul Biya to serve the State at the highest level, and are now caught wrongly or rightly by the betrayal of the trust placed in them and their acts of transgression. For some of them, I refuse to stir the stinking mire of the painful events of 06 April 1984, but how to prevent, to the content of “the fifth letter,” not remembering this sad time in the history of our country whereby some people wanted to shorten the term of the President of the Republic (already) by chasing from power by violence. Will it start?
I sincerely hope that the people of Cameroon who is invited to this disastrous plan is not fooled and will not serve those short scales because those wanted for justice want to remain mute to transform selves overnight into saviors of Cameroon. Change is already under Paul Biya, it must continue to improve and accelerate: that is what Cameroonians are doing, what they are waiting and what they intend to do.
By Gregore Owona: Deputy Secretary General of the Central Committee of the CPDM

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