Sunday, November 25, 2012

For Lack of Political Platform, NOWEFU Endorses Dr. Ngwanyam’s Senatorial Bid

Mbangfon Dr. Nick Ngwanyam (with walking stick made of cowries)

The North West Fons Union-NOWEFU, a one-time lobbying force is wallowing in the gutter, hypocrisy and in self-skirmishes as some traditional rulers, who are supposed to be the custodians of the grassfield culture, are now making a mockery of culture and tradition.
NOWEFU has become a sinkhole and its existence is only noticed at official gatherings and ceremonies, as its members would exploit every opening to give out traditional titles to desirous individuals.  
Even though there is no law anywhere in the grass field (North West Region of Cameroon) that bars anyone who wishes to be known with any traditional title including the one that was conferred on Dr. Nick Ngwanyam as ‘Mbangfon’ on December 24, 2012, the quandary as we gathered is that the principles and ramifications are never respected. Yet it has become worrisome to many Northwesterners that NOWEFU doesn’t only dish out traditional titles randomly with attestations of recognition, but has moved to a stage whereby it is endorsing political ambitions, like what they did with Dr. Nick Ngwanyam. It is alleged that the decision by these fons to endorse Dr. Nick’s senatorial bid and even declare publicly that (they) the fons are all behind Dr. Ngwanyam to support his senatorial ambitions is tearing the union apart. Someone even questioned whether fons are not part of the electoral college. Even CPDM militants we gathered were taken aback by the declaration.
However, we gathered that a certain Emmanuel Sayani of Donga Mantng I CPDDM has declared his intentions of becoming Donga Mantung Senatorial candidate on CPDM ticket. Furthermore, another confidential source also hinted that CPDM militants of Ako/ Misaje and Nwa are backing the candidature of the fon of Nkanchi who is likely a sure bet given that Nwa, Misaje and Ako councils are governed by the CPDM. A critical judgment analysis reveals an epileptic NOWEFU had to endorse Dr. Nick’s candidature. Besides, allegations are rife  that Dr. Ngwanyam himself has been a thorn in the side of CPDM bigwigs. Sources say the absence of Rt. Hon. Simon Achidi Achu at that ceremony speaks volume.
An adage says that, ‘when an error is committed for too long, it becomes a tradition.’ Therefore, there is no gainsaying that NOWEFU has played the game of the mastiff for long and what is happening is confirming the once established notion that fons have turned themselves to “royal beggars”. As a developer, Dr. Nick Ngwanyam does not deserve to pick a traditional title from the gutter but he ought to have been honoured with one, which he could elegantly move with it in Mbumland. Since NOWEFU is wallowing in the gutter, Dr. Ngwanyam certainly picked his title from it. Notwithstanding, the question in the lips of Wimbum people is whether Dr. Nick Ngwanyam would be allowed to move with a stick made of cowries in Mbumland. “I was shocked by that the decoration. I have no quarrel with the appellation, my problem is with collates that accompany this title. In Mbumland it is forbidden for an ordinary person to move with a walking stick made with cowries”.
Those who took the pains to witness the event went back home more confused than when they were going because they could not find an answer to why traditional rulers, who are supposed to be the custodians of our culture are making nonsense of culture and tradition? By honouring him with the title of “Mbangfon” for empowering youths and at the same time endorsing his senatorial bid, critics are questioning whether NOWEFU has been transformed to a political party to endorse political ambitions or it is for lack of a political platform that Dr. Nick Ngwanyam found solace in the fons?. Another school of thought holds that it may have been the lack of a political platform that Dr. Nick Ngwanyam tried to find consolation from the fons to endorse his senatorial bid. However, political analysts are of the opinion that the choice might have been wrongly made giving that of late, NOWEFU fons were tagged “royal beggars” while latest tags describe some of them as “royal gangsters”, which further puts into doubts their abilities and the power they used to wield.  
 I don’t understand the reason to scramble for titles or why our fons have decided to be dishing out titles that do not have any significance to benefactors in their own homeland. Why hurry, why? It doesn’t look elegant. The process used by those in a hurry to get titles does not look good, it does not look polished and it does not look civilized. I see it as a sort of business” one of the fons who preferred anonymity observed.  

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