Saturday, November 3, 2012

NW CPDM Kick-starts Sensitization on Biometric Recompilation

 By FC Ndi
Fon Angwafo III
Opening the meeting today November 3, 2012 at the Bamenda Congress Hall, the 1st Vice National President of the Cameroon People Democratic Movement-CPDM told participants that the ball has been set rolling and it is their duty to make sure that the instructions from the Central Committee of the CPDM are implemented as prescribed. HRH Fon Angwafo III continued that “we are here to take instructions and your role is to go to the field and act”. He cautioned delegates from the Central Committee that they should allow local leaders to exercise their functions. “Registration is the most crucial aspect of any elections and you are here ti take the instructions to the grassroots for implementation”, he emphasized. The 1st Vice President further advised that each operation team involved in the recompilation process should make sure that regular and periodic written reports are forwarded to their immediate hierarchies. The reports he added are extremely essential because they will enable the supervisory teams to formulate and apply counteractive measures as the case arises. 
Ghogomu, Ama Tutum Dr. Calistu and Ndikonar
 Hon. Nji Fidelis presented some practical guidelines for massive registration of militants and supporters of the CPDM in the Northwest Region.  The document which according to Hon. Nji Fidelis was developed by a Think Tank of Northwest elite based in Yaounde under the supervision of Prime Minister Yang Philemon formulated some practical strategies that would enable the party to embark upon mobilization, sensitization and registration. He reechoed the fact the North West Region hosts the capital of the opposition demands a lot of concentration and commitment at every little step so that everything is monitored, assessed and evaluated to guarantee success. He pointed out that the importance of the present recompilation of voter registration exercise is very important noting that “all upcoming and future elections shall be won or lost, depending on the diligence commitment and efforts with which we tackle this assignment”. He observed that since recompilation is from scratch, there are some many parameters to be taken into consideration. Hon Nji Fidelis also underscored the need for all central committee support teams to work in harmony with the local operation teams under the authority of the section Presidents, who in effect are the legitimate bosses of the party at grassroot levels. He also accentuated on the fact that local party officials should cultivate and maintain good relations with ELECAM officials and others members of the registration commission. 
Shey Jones Yembe
Hon. Nji Fidelis presentation also called on party officials and representatives in voters’ registration stations vigilant so that they could come to the assistance of those who need help in the registration process as prescribed by the law. This he said will keep representatives of the CPDM on the alert in case others want to play a trick such as pretending to assist elderly or illiterate persons. He reminded CPDM bigwigs that all those charged with the smooth execution of the campaign in the field at various operation levels could as well facilitate the collection of identity cards abandoned at the police identification centers. For the process to be effective, he advised that each section President should train at least four additional militants who could eventually serve as party representatives in the recompilation process.  

Minister Fuh Calistus Gentry on his part presented a speech from the Secretary General of the CPDM on the celebrations marking the 30th anniversary of President Paul Biya’s ascension to power. He outlined that under the leadership of President Paul Biya much has been achieved. He told participants that everyone admits that the New Deal has transformed the landscape of this country. “In these 30 years the CPDM needs to capitalize on peace, territorial integrity and human rights. Dr. Fuh Calistus also emphasized on that fact that the 30th anniversary of President Biya’s taking office is coming with the fresh impetus of the last congress of the CPDM which must be consolidated.  In order to ensure the sustainability of the successes of the CPDM, he added that there is an urgent need to mobilize and sensitize militants to register massively in order to transform the efforts. “Employment of youths and creation of wealth and it equitable distribution” he said will guarantee the future. He said CPDM militants from Yaounde and other big cities should allow the grassroot to work.
Gerard Ngala and Barrister Yembe Emmanuel
Shey Jones Yembe in reaction to the circular letter no 4, on recompilation of voters register said that the information is clear and all the worries of the past have been answered. “If we respect it we will succeed because it takes care of the problem amongst ourselves. There is one point there that is very explicit which defines the roles and responsibilities of the stakeholders in the process”. Shey Jones Yembe emphasized on the issue of transparency in the management of resources stating that the circular is very comprehensible because it defines that “there is an authorizing officer who is the section President and the disbursing officer who is the treasurer”.  Section Presidents he added should use their secretaries and other members of the executive and he also wondered whether all the organs of the party like the Cells do exist in some Sections because there are areas the Branches and Cells exist only on papers. He suggested that timetables be setup to empower the Branches and the Cells where they do exist to do field work to avoid the accumulation of functions by some Section Presidents.
Ngafeeson Emmanuel
Talking to this reporter, Gerard Ngala, CPDM Parliamentary aspirant for Nkambe Central said his take home message after the discussion is bulky and will be very instrumental as they are determine to score high. According to Gerard Ngala, if the instructions from the Central Committee are respected, he is sure the CPDM will carry the day in the upcoming elections. “We will add more ingredients to the knowledge and instructions from the Central Committee to generate the necessary results in Nkambe” noting that the instructions from the central committee will polish what they have developed to ensure massive registration. To Gerard Ngala, the Bamenda the ideas and knowledge gathered is an added impetus.

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