Monday, November 5, 2012

Recompilation of Voters Registration by Biometric, Donga Mantung CPDM Strategizes

 By Kimbi V Muku in Nkambe
The Donga Mantung Divisional Commission, headed by Dr. Fuh Calistus Gentry has kick-started a sensitization campaign to explain and empower grassroot party officials, militants and supporters about the recompilation of voters register using biometrics. Addressing participants at the divisional launching at the Nkambe Community Hall, on November 4, 2012, the head of the Central Committee delegation Minister Fuh Calistus Gentry, Secretary of State for Mines, Industries and Technological Development time said the only way for anyone to stand on his or her rights is to register and votes. Dr. Fuh Calistus Gentry went further to explain that with the recompilation process, everything will start from zero “it is therefore very imperative for everyone to register so that our voice can be heard”. He told participants that the Central Committee has already done much by creating supervisory and support committees at all levels of the party to over see registration and report. He emphasized that the roles and responsibilities of the basic organs of the party in the process adding that if the basic organs of the party such as Branches and Cells are functional and active, the CPDM will provide the expected results. “We have a lot of challenges and we have come with recommendations from the Central Committee and some guidelines proposed by North West CPDM elite in Yaounde for you to adapt to our local realities in order to tackle the process”. He prescribed a door-door sensitization as one of the remedies to curb voter apathy in the Division. “So if we fail in our objective then the voice of the opposition will be heard” he observed. Dr. Fuh Calistus also said the celebration of the 30th Anniversary should reflect Donga Mantung Division. According to Fuh Calistus the strategy has been initiated by the Central Committee to increase registration. He concluded by saying that the funds needed for the process shall be contributed locally and that North West elites had done something significant and each Section will receive a significant amount to kick-start the process.
While presenting Circular No 4 from the Central Committee of the CPDM, Shey Jones Yembe demonstrated how each operation team will function in the field to ensure a hitch-free registration. He cautioned against any act that will go against party principles. “If we use the existing basic structures as recommended, I am certain that we will succeed in our task”. He also discarded the notion of accumulation of functions by some party executives. He said the text is clear that all the other basic organs of the party will operate under the supervision of the Council commission, while those at the grassroots will have to work under the supervision of the Section Presidents. Meanwhile Shey Jones Yembe reminded participants that the Section Presidents during the process will authorizes all expenditure while the Treasurers will be in-charge of disbursing. Shey Jones emphasized that if the instructions of the Central Committee are implemented to the letter, Donga Mantung CPDM will surely carry the day in the upcoming elections. Shey Jones concluded his presentation by outlining the various operation teams ranging from the Section to the Sub Section, Branches and the Cells. “In as much as the chain is respected, we will realize our goal” which he said is to emerge victorious in the upcoming elections and other future elections. He stressed the fact that all grassroots operations should submit reports regularly so much so that there is constant assessment of the process.
On his part, Ngafeeson Emmanuel Bantar represented the proposed guidelines and strategies developed by North West Think Tank (coordinated by Prime Minister Philemon Yang). The guidelines Ngafeeson Emmanuel Bantar noted are an instrument for work and that since the CPDM is an organized political party, there is an urgent need for Section Presidents to assume their roles and responsibilities as the bosses of the party at the grassroots. He cautioned that party representatives should always be vigilant during the recompilation process. He said militants with expired receipts should make sure that the expired receipts are taken back to the police for renewal. At the end of the launching ceremony, the following personalities were installed into their functions as Council Commission heads. They are:
Shey Jones Yembe: Donga Mantung I (Nkambe)
Ngafeeson Emmanuel Bantar: Donga Mantung II (Ndu)
Ngi Christopher: Donga Mantung III (Ako)
Dr. Fuh Calistus Gentry: Donga Mantung VI (Misaje)
HRH Jikong Stephen Yeriwa: Donga Mantung V (Nwa)
The head of the Council Commissions will monitor and evaluate the process in the field through regular and periodic reports from the Section Presidents.
Gerard Ngala: CPDM Parliamentary Aspirant for Donga Mantung I
My take home message after this launching ceremony is that we need to go to work immediately. And I am happy that the Central Committee has provided us with guidelines. The circular from the Central Committee has cleared a lot of doubts so as where to register and if we use the strategy brought up by the party we will reach all our militants. I am also happy of the outcome of the meeting because every actor in the process is aware of the task ahead of us. With the guidelines and other strategies developed locally, we will collectively work toward achieving our set objectives. In fact if I have any clarion call to make to youths, I will only remind them that the long awaited moment to effect change has finally come and it starts right now with registration.  Our own tomorrow is now, so it time for us all to register but we should make sure that when the process starts, we should be able to register closer to our homes. So I am calling on all the youths, women and supporters of the CPDM in Donga Mantung I to pass the message to others that that moment is around the corner, and that we should register massively when the registration process starts.

Alhadji Abdou Borno Kamfon: CPDM Parliamentary Aspirant for Ndu
You know the central committee has created supervisory committees and support committees at all level. And with this strategy, we are not going to implement it diligently to make sure that the registration is a success. I can only tell our militants especially those who have Donga Mantung at heart to go and register so that they will be able to invest their votes where they can get meaningful development as a payback. We have been suffered in the hands of the opposition for years without any meaningful development and I think the time is has come for us to contribute in changing or reshaping the future by investing our votes in the future.  I can only advise youth, women, CPDM  supporters and everybody who loves development that our time to change Mbumland is now and that  with biometric registration kick-starts they should register at the closest centers to their homes.

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