Thursday, November 8, 2012

Scholarship Fund to Support Traditional Rulers, the Disables Launched

Mangoh Jones Tanko
A scholarship fund to assist traditional rulers and people with disabilities has been launched in Donga Mantung Division. The Permanent Secretary of the Fund, Mangoh Jones Tanko has issued a communiqué calling on potential beneficiaries to get in contact with the Secretariat of the Nkambe Council for amble information. In his communiqué, Mangoh Jones also clarifies that the scholarship fund is an initiative of the Member of Parliament for Nkambe-(Hon. Awudu Mbaya Cyprian), the Member of Parliament for Ndu-(Hon Esther Ngala), the Mayor of Ndu-(DK Nfor) and (himself) the Mayor of Nkambe-Mangoh Jones Tanko. He revealed that the idea is geared towards building a more productive society and calls on traditional rulers (fons, Fais, ardos, yahs, mankfus and anyone ranking as such) as well as people with disabilities of Donga Mantung Division to get in contact with the secretariat of the Mayor of Nkambe for details. The communiqué also revealed that two traditional rulers, the Fon of Kungi(currently a student of GTTC Nkambe) and the Fon of Binshua (student) have been selected to benefit a sum of 200.000FCFA each for the year 2012/2013. Two other students with disabilities will also share a sum of 700.000FCFA. Kinsley, a student at the University of Yaounde from Moh village and a female student of St. Ritas in Nkambe will share the said amount.  
Talking to this reporter on phone, Mangoh Jones Tanko said the scholarship fund is intended to support a group in society that has often been neglected.  He said the fund is not only to support those in school but also to support those who are to go to school but lack the financial means. "The Nkambe council is putting in 2 million FCFA, Hon. Awudu is putting 2 million FCFA, and the Ndu Council and the MP for Ndu will chip in 1million FCFA each. So our seed fund for the scholarship stands at 4 million FCFA" Mangoh told this reporter. He said the scholarship is to make traditional rulers more responsible and remove the dirty tag that make people to look at them as "royal beggars".

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Eugene Ndi said...

Interesting, kudos to the initiators of the fund.