Saturday, November 3, 2012

Teenagers Rape 80 Years Retired Head Mistress

By Abanda Marcel in Nkambe
An atmosphere of insecurity reins in Wat village after the population of village recorded the most traumatizing incident in the history of that village. Two boys whose names we got as Nfor Robert and Emmanuel Nforgwei are reported to have raped a retired head teacher. According to information gathered the two young boys attacked the retired school head teacher (name withheld) who was on her way to the farm. We also gathered that the two young men who were coming from an abortive mission fell on the on the retired teacher and after committing the abomination deprived her of 75.000 FCFA. One of the perpetrators we learn is currently in detention at the Nkambe prison while one is at large.  The daughter of the victim narrates that when they reported the sad incident to the police,  there was no delay. She continued that the Policeman arrive the village he first arrested and handcuffed Emmanuel Nforgwei who was by the door before he proceeded inside to handcuff Nfor Robert. But Emmanuel Nforwgwei though in a village, varnished with the handcuff. Sources hinted that when Emmanuel Nforgwei later removed the handcuff and dropped it on the road and a farmer by name Pa. Isaiah saw it and thought he had picked a nice chain. As he look and observed the shinning nature of the object he has just picked something came to his mind that he should put it round his hand. When it was done, he discovered he could not open it. For more than tow days, his family was in agony and neigbours were not even informed until when his hand swelled. As the information filtered out, the entire village came to Pa’s compound as if he was dead. It was thanks to the timely intervention of a retired Wader peace regained the village. Sources say Emmanuel Nforgwei was spotted in Bamenda this week. Allegations are rife that at the time they were picked up, they had marijuana on them. Mbabi in Wat is becoming another Marijuana heaven in Nkambe.  Emmanuel Nforgwei police sources hinted escaped from the Bamenda Prison after they were wrist up by forces of law and Order after a successful Bank robbing in Bamenda.The village is reported in a state of shock as the news of the reap continue to spread in near by villages. Public opinion holds that the retired head teacher may not be their first victim giving that it is common that women would suffer in pains but would always keep such incident a secret. However, as the retired head mistress break the silence, the judiciary will set an example.

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