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The Unexpected at 30th Anniversary Celebration of Biya’s Ascension to Power in Donga Mantung

It was pomp and Fanfare in Nkambe and Misaje as the 30th anniversary of President Paul Biya was not only graced by the presence of Philemon Yang, Prime Minister, Head of Government but also by the award of Excellence the best of the best to support to Biya’s educational policy.
Fuh Calistus Gentry, Central Committee Delegation leader and Secretary of State in the Ministry of Mines, Industries and Technological Development has said that the best thing that ever happened to Cameroon was the present educational policy promoted by President Biya. He said the only way to show appreciation and gratitude to H.E Paul Biya on the occasion of the celebration of the 30th anniversary of his accession to power was to support his effort at providing education to all Cameroonians wherever they might be. Minister Calistus Gentry was speaking last November 06 in Nkambe and in Misaje while offering scholarships to some 68 students amongst whom were two traditional rulers from Ako and Kungi. The 68 most performing students from some 22 secondary schools from across Donga Mantung were offered 30 000 each as scholarship for this school year, as part of activities marking the 30th anniversary of President Paul Biya’s accession to supreme magistracy. Speaking to a crowd of over 3000 militants, sympathizers and students, Dr Calistus said how satisfied Donga Mantung was with President Paul Biya’s performance at the helm of state in over 30 years. Since Biya wants to live for posterity the education of the Cameroonian child, Dr Calistus decided to reward performance in schools across the whole of Donga MANTUNG AS PART OF APPRECIATION FOR THEIR MASSIVE VOTE IN FAVOUR OF the Cpdm candidate at the last October 11 polls. The scholarships which amounted to over 3 million fcfa had as objective to give gratitude to President Paul Biya for piloting the ship of nation for 30 years and also to raise the human resource base for Donga Mantung in the long run. The scholarships, many people agree in Donga MANTUNG came to meet a felt need. It should be recalled that when Misaje was created some years ago the principal hard difficult times with poor parents in collecting school fees. Dr Calistus then decided to foot the bills and enrolment climbed in a short time from lees than 30 students to over 15000 today. In an apparent move to support the husband, Mrs Sally Gentry declared during the anniversary celebrations that the husband is at his best mode when he changes lives and that their family would be judged as successful not from the number of cars or buildings they won but rather from the number of lives they have changed, On his part the SDO for Donga Mantung, Ngone Ndode Mesape Bernard congratulated the move by the Gentry family saying that it falls in line with government policy for when more people are educated there is less crime wave in society. He was optimistic that the anniversary gift to Donag MANTUNG WAS the best so far and that government would continue to appreciate such gestures.
The Unexpected in Misaje
It had never happened before but history had it recorded that PM Yang kept the population of Nkambe waiting in the hot sun the whole in vain. As celebrations marking the 30th anniversary celebrations of Paul Biya peaked to a degree in Misaje and Nkambe, the Prime Minister and Head of Government made a surprise stop at Misaje considered over the years as the bastion of the Cpdm in Donga MANTUNG TO THANK THEM FOR THE massive support they gave the Cpdm candidate at the last October Presidential elections and to encourage militants and party leaders to take the message of voter registration seriously. The Prime Minister who arrived Donga MANTUNG THROUGH Misaje was grateful militants and sympathizers came out massively to celebrate with Paul Biya. According to Central Committee Delegation leader, Dr Fuh Calistus Gentry, the fact that the Prime Minister chose Misaje to commune with on this day was proof positive that Misaje was an area that the Cpdm and Paul Biya could rely on for future victories.He told the people of Misaje that SCNC is a bad party because any group that advocates for division and not unity is not good at all. He said the CPDM has done alot and much more has been earmarked and that some projects may not be executed due to the fact that Government has devoted much money in supporting flood victims nationwide. On Biya's 30 years in power which many say is too much, Yang Philemon told the people of Misaje that even though Biya has been there for long, he has been delivering the goods.
However, CPDM militants of Ndu and Nkambe who gathered at the ceremonial ground from the early morning to receive the Prime Minister were shocked to learn by 5pm that he was already in Misaje. Many wondered how the Prime Minister could keep them for a day and were not informed that his trip to Nkambe and Ndu were concealed. It was really pathetic to see the old mothers who traveled from far distances to see the PM going back home in hopelessness. 

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