Friday, December 28, 2012

Ahead New Apponitments: Marabous dictate their Laws to ELECAM Members

As the week folds off, panic is said to have gripped some ELECAM officials to the point that they are being controlled by marabous for fear that their mandates may not be renewed. According to what we gathered, there is atmosphere of uncertainty and panic at ELECAM head office in Yaounde as all eyes are turn towards the Presidency of the Republic. From what has so far been observed, there is an impending tsunami as ELECAM Board members have lost sleep to the delight of good storytelling adventures that fill their pockets. A member of ELECAM we gathered was spotted in an obscured neighborhood in Yaoundé last Wednesday at a very unholy hour. According to what we gathered, that ELECAM official had for the past days been a permanent visitor to one young man who claims he is a traditional practitioner. Allegations are also rife at that some ELECAM officials recently recruited some quacks in villages to help protect their mandates as they all awaits President Biya’s verdict anytime at new year. This, source added the new practice is aimed at putting an end to the reign of priests and other pastors whose prayers have not been helpful at all. From what we gathered, some of these marabous are charging as high as 2million FCFA. Besides, it is also aired that some members have been spotted with live ducks in their cars while some have taken permanent residence in their villages following instructions from the marabouts.
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