Saturday, December 8, 2012

Biometric Registration: Fuh Calistus Sets Confusion at Ndu CPDM Evaluation Meeting

It is no more a secret that the Secretary of State for Mines, Industries and Technological Development, Dr. Fuh Calistus has found himself on the receiving end of criticisms he deserves; not for the least for his public comments as head of the Central Committee delegation to Donga Mantung Division on biometric registration but because he has been caught by the hawks of politics. It is really amazing that Dr. Fuh Calistus on December 7, 2012 while in meeting with CPDM militants of Ndu to assess the level of registration using the biometric system, he ignited the long forgotten incident that took place in the area some 20 years ago. Even though it is clear that some CPDM old guards have been using the so-called "Ndu genocide" to remain in power, CPDM militants who attended the Ndu were shocked at the manner at which issues unfolded. When some militants identified the incident as one of the handicaps that is contributing to voters pathy, Dr. Calistus neither accepted for  a commission to be put in place to reconcile families that were victimized but on the contrary  Dr. Fuh Calistus left CPDM militants in a more confused state. More often, CPDM militants in Ndu we gathered are being deliberately tricked, by people who have something to gain by manipulating them with misleading appearances.
Ndzi Romeo, a young militant of the CPDM has described the actions of the head of the Central Committee to Donga Mantung Division as reckless and undiplomatic while another young militant by name John Konfor Lany said the act as an obnoxious plan to further destabilize the CPDM in Ndu. Lany told this reporter on phone that the Secretary of State has portrayed that he has a hidden agenda which is to destabilize the CPDM in Ndu because not long he added “ a young man came from Yaounde and told us that he was the Secretary of State’s candidate for Parliamentary elections and we were wondering whether our leaders are being appointed from Yaounde by the so-called leader of Donga Mantung Divisio”.  Both gentlemen are upset that the head of the Central Committee is playing all sorts of tricks to remain the only “cock in Donga Mantung Division”.  
However, in fairness to Dr. Fuh Calistus, it is now appearing that aside the obvious faux pas to bring back to the memories the incident of June 1992, he has been scheming for long.  
It is now clear that Fuh Calistus’s leanings and position as lone cabinet minister from Donga Mantung have made him to misquote the Ndu Section of the CPDM thus helping to fuel the almost forgotten incident.
It should be recalled that the unfortunate incident took place in June 1992, an unfortunate incident that many have described as a “genocide” having escalidated from a political stalemate of the early day’s multi-partism in Cameroon. Ndu had a fair-share of the political upheavals that on June 7, men and women were arrested, tortured and humiliated by law enforcement officers. They were taken to the Brigade where they were “raped” with gun butts and boiled pepper infused into their vaginas! Of course, the story is long, and Mary Bienna and Irene Njeshu died later from complicated ailments! The raid was wild, as women were rounded up and taken to  “Nsankfu”, at Njiningo quarters, where a secondary school had been operating, and students were writing the GCE! The unfortunate men who were also arrested were asked to undress, and watch their sisters and mothers naked themselves. Those who were arrested were asked to crawl through the main street of Ndu, singing “Gendarme na God”, “ SDF na Satan” etc. It is this incident that Fuh Calistus decided to discuss in a meeting recently but was unable to find a solution leaving CPDM supporters confused.

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