Thursday, December 13, 2012

Discovery: Budding Musician Hits Chart Locally, Needs Producer

Ngenge Denis Kanjo is a young talented musician based in Nkambe town in the North West Region of Cameroon whose raw talent is attracting a lot of public attention. The young man who started his rise to prominence by playing a hand-made guitar some seven years ago hitting the chart as his latest locally produced sound track is imposing it style in every household.
He says that as a child he used to admire musicians like John I Ray, Emile Kangue and Toto Guillaume.

Ngenge Denis Kanjo

However, Ngenge Denis has succeeded in demystifying the long established notion that being a musician was synonymous to being “magician” by winning the hearts of many, including the elderly. His latest sound track “we need development” is a clarion call to the people of Donga Mantung Division to bask hatred and blackmail for development. He says, he would certainly be a happy man if the Wimbum people of Donga Mantung can listen to the message he is passing though music. His style is unique and clearly demonstrates that whatever thing you do, if it is done correctly, it could command the attention of the world. “I am being called up every to play for all sorts of occasion, ranging from birthday parties to memorial services, public ceremonies etc” he told this reporter. Ngenge Denis also says one of his major problems is to get a producer who can refine his music for a wider audience. From Misaje to Ako down to Fonfuka, he thrills the crowd whenever he is called up. “I started music when I was still very young, by then I would always admire someone with a guitar. I made my first guitar 20 years ago, and I remember how my friends were saying that I would be nothing tomorrow” yet today Ngenge has proven them wrong. “Music has being my childhood dream and I am happy that God has answered my prayers”. His talent is seen in his ability to improvise a song at every occasion. He plays gospel and folklore.  From a guitarist, Ngenge Denis Kanjo got a mastery of the musical instrument to the point that he so perfect in playing the piano. Ngenge Denis Kanjo it should be recalled is one of those few breeds that any producer would never regret for putting in the market for a larger audience. He hails from Ntumbaw in Ndu Sub Division.

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