Wednesday, December 26, 2012

HOFNA Cameroon Stretches Hand of Fellowship to Needy

Mme Christelle Nfor Handing textbook to needy
The population of Nwangri village in Donga Mantung Division of the North West Region have expressed appreciation to Hope for the Needy Association-HOFNA Cameroon for extending a hand of fellowship to their community. The population expressed the joy and elation last weekend, when HOFNA Director, Christelle Nfor stormed CS Ngwanri to donate books, jerseys, balls, writing material and other school didactic materials to the school administration and needy pupils. Created in 1982, C.S Nwangri is one of the mission schools that has trained many youth Cameroonians of integrity. More so, the school is noted in scoring 100% in both FSLC and Common Entrance, yet it has never received such a visitor before that day.
Fon of Ngwangri
 In a welcome message to the August guest, Nducho Ancella, the head teacher said some of the difficulties of the school included leakages of the roofs, none cemented floor, lack of chairs for teachers, no book shelve and  no window shutters in classes and the head teacher’s Office. She expressed gratitude and thanks to HOFNA delegation for the timely gift which she said will go a long way to sustain the school.  Confidence Lamptang, PTA chairlady revealed that for over 25yrs since creation the school has never received such a support from an individual or group. She said HOFNA will be remembered for the initiative by generations. On his part, the Youth President of Ngwangri Cultural and Development Association, Ngwayi Marcel Ngwayi congratulated HOFNA for the gesture and added that he was touched by the timely mark of recognition.  On the other hand, Fon of Nwangri Village appreciated the love of HOFNA to his people and that fact that the delegation took the pains to move on the bad roads to equipped the school which is so much in need. He challenged other NGOs emulate the good example of HOFNA by being practical on the field.

The Director of HOFNA Christelle Bai Nfor said the support to C.S Nwangri is part of her organization’s effort in fostering access to education dubbed “Making Education Realistic (MER)”. Before leaving CS Ngwangri, Mme Christelle Nfor encouraged pupils to be steadfast in bookwork because it is where the future lies. She said in that in the past parents showed love to their children by building houses, planting colanuts trees  etc but HOFNA is offering kids with a legacy that nobody will fight it or take it away from them, which is improving access to education facilities. She calls on Parents of Nwangri village to send their children to school especially the girl child.
It should be recalled that HOFNA has as mission to help people to achieved lasting positive changes in their lives.

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