Saturday, December 8, 2012

National Assembly: Greedy MPs Extend Mandate by 3 Months

It is no more news that the Cameroon National Assembly is made a breed of politicians who see nothing good in anything except in the form of bread. Last year, the mandate of MPs was extended by six months, yesterday December 7, 2012; their mandate was again extended by three months. What is however very interesting is that even the so-called opposition was silent over the issue of the extension of mandate. Along the corridors, they were all seen with smiles on their faces because they have been given another opportunity to chop state money. Public opinion holds that being a Member of Parliament in Cameroon is about bread and butter.
Cavaye Yeguie Djibrille Played the Ostrich  
There is a common saying that when you try to deny people something, you activate a very bad part of human nature. The Eye gathered that when debates opened at the National Assembly of Cameroon on, December 7, 2012, around 4.45 PM, on the Bill extending the mandate of Members of Parliament for three more months, Hon Ayah Paul Abine raised his name tag among other Members of Parliament, indicating that he would take part in the debates. From recurrent malicious antecedents, Ayah even called out for his name to be taken down but he was ignored by the Speaker because Cavaye Yeguie knew that he could raise an objection.
According to eyewitness account, other MPs who had indicated to speak were called up except Ayah. The latter we are aware raised a point of order that, by the Standing Orders of the House, he had to be recognized to address the House. The Speaker was quick to claim on behalf of the secretary that the secretary had not seen Ayah’s hand. A sizable number of Members of Parliament booed him as that was the third time during different sessions that the Speaker had prevented Ayah from addressing the House, claiming on almost every such occasion that the secretary had not seen Ayah’s hand. It would be noted that Ayah’s seat is less than ten metres from the Speaker (and the secretary) by crow’s flight.
Ayah now requested that, whatever the case, as he was already at the rostrum, he should be recognized for him to address the House. That was spontaneously approved by parliamentarians across the board. Referring to Ayah pejoratively as “ce monsieur” in the like of every primitive and uncouth person, the Speaker ordered Ayah to return to his seat amid cat calls. He went ahead to recognize the Vice Prime Minister who took over the microphone from Ayah.
What was all the more curious was that Mr. Speaker went out of all civility; out of all civilized manner; and out of all parliamentary solemnity to call Ayah, an honourable member of parliament as himself, “ce monsieur”. Every normal human being with the barest minimum scholarship who has been in parliament for over 40 years like Hon Cavaye would be expected to practise minimum etiquette consistent with parliamentary tradition. And it should make no difference that it is Hon Cavaye whose highest diploma is having been in parliament for forty years. The exception compelling accommodation, though, is that a domesticated beast does some day give in to its bestial instincts and bites a person.
Any better truth than that if at forty one is still a fool, and then one is a certificated fool till doomsday? Many have also looked at the decision by Cavaye as a gross marginalization of Anglophones. Some have even quoted the case of Adama Modi who even though a thorn in the side of the CPDM was always given room to address the House but since Ayah Paul is an Anglophone, he should be ridiculed.
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