Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Ndu Council Budget for 2013 Adopted at FCFA 600 Million

Tamngwa Marcel Kwalar
The Ndu council has adopted its budget for 2013. The council budget which stands at 600 million FCFA was adopted in a budgetary council session chaired by the council chief Executive councilor Nfor David Karngong on December 19th 2012 under the watchful eyes of Ngone Ndondemessape Bernard, Senior Divisional Officer for Donga Mantung. Also present were heads of services and traditional rulers.
In his welcome speech David karngong Nfor noted that planning is necessary for any meaningful development. He called on councilors to scrutinize the budget diligently because it is through their work that Ndu council will be able to carry out development projects. He further explained that the Ndu council is closing the year 2012 with the construction of some ten (10) new stores behind the Ndu Grand stand from local collections, classrooms, community halls and water scheme through PNDP support program. These, the mayor said is to boost the economic, foster development process and raise revenue to the council.
He equally enumerated a number of projects that the council is looking forward to execute in 2013. Though many, the Mayor noted that these projects will be carried out based on priority needs and available means.
He ended by citing some of the difficulties plaguing the Ndu council. Accordingly, he said the greatest of which is tax evasion by motor cycle riders and other business men and women in the municipality. At this point the Mayor called on councilors to go back to the drawing boards in their respective villages and school their populations on the need to pay taxes.
In the deliberations that ensued, councilors demonstrated their mastery of council matters by asking interesting questions on some of the budget heads. The questions were however watered down by adequate responses from the Mayor or his deputies, or the secretary general and the municipal treasurer.
     For close to 4 hours in session, the sum of 600.000,000 FCFA was moved and seconded as the budget of the Ndu council for 2013.The budget which comprises of some 354,700,000 FCFA for Total recurrent expenditure, and 245,300,000 FCFA for Overall capital and investment expenditure represents an increase of 50 million from the 550million FCFA that was budgeted for 2012.
    At the end of the session, optimism could be read on the face of the venerated Mayor Nfor David Karngong who looks forward to 2013 with anxiety.

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