Monday, December 24, 2012

Nkambe Divisional Hospital to Reorganize HIV/AIDS Treatment Centers, Medic Says

Dr. Assembe Yanick
The Interim Director of Nkambe Divisional Hospital, Dr. Assembe Yanick has said that in order to ensure that all the drugs distributed to the various HIV/AIDS treatment centers get to their users, the Nkambe Divisional Hospital will carryout a systematic re-organization of treatment centers in the Division. According to Dr. Assembe Yanick, the re-organization process will be re-enforced by the creation of support groups in communities to make sure that the antiretroviral drugs do not move across the border giving that elsewhere these drugs are sold very expensive. Harping on the fact that the Nkambe Divisional Hospital remains a referral point for major cases from Ako, Misaje, Nwa and Ndu district hospitals, Dr. Assembe Yanick lamented that the poor staffing situation of the hospital makes it difficult for them carryout routine visits to these district hospitals to keep the referral system functional.
It should be noted that despite the fact that the Nkambe Divisional Hospital serves as a referral point for major emergency cases from the district hospital, it is suffering from acute shortage of medical practitioners. At the time of our visit, there was only one medical doctor who is supported by three student doctors of the University of Buea. More so, the hospital has no midwife and not to talk of a vehicle and not even a motorbike for any medic to use when he/she is called up to attend an emergency case. The lack of a vehicle for the hospital we gathered makes it very difficult for the staff to function giving that at time some emergency cases get to the hospital at very late hours and medics have no other option than to take the risk to trek to the hospital in order to save lives.
Besides, it is common knowledge in rural areas that government hospitals are free which further complicate the smooth functioning of the hospital. However, we gathered from reliable sources that ever since Dr. Assembe was appointed Interim Director, he is gradually giving the hospital a face-lift. According what we gathered, in the past could easily be likened to a pigsty, because goats, pigs and other small ruminants that were seen around hospital is now history. It is hoped that he will fight and restore dignity as many had decried the bad habit of some hospital staff lately. As Cameroon is heading towards becoming an emerging country by 2035, all eyes are turned on Yaounde to provide the Nkambe Divisional hospital with the necessary facilities so much so that people of this part of the country could live to be part of that historic event.

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