Monday, December 31, 2012

Nomination for The Eye 2012 Achievement Awards Open

Kimbi V Muku
Jury members of The Eye 2012 Achievement Award met in Bamenda on December 28, 2012 under the chairmanship of Gwain Colbert Fulai (Publisher of the Colbert Report) to brainstorm and review the various categories that will entertain the 2012 award of Excellence. After brainstorming, jury members agreed that nominations shall be done by the general public for the categories mentioned below. Jury members include (Fai Cassian-The Eye), (Peterkings  Manyong- Independent Observer), (Nji Ignatius-Eden), (Ndi Eugene-News Watch)(Donat Suffo-Le Messager), (George Chifu-Website) and (Aminateh Nkemngu-The Sun), (John Menkefor -Press & Associates), (Nfor Francis-Head of MIDENO Communication unit), and (Barrister Bila Linus).
At the end of the meeting, the chairman issued a release calling on the general public to send the names of nominees by sms to 77852476, 77695109 or email

1)      Man of the Year
2)      Woman of the year
3)      Transparent Personality of the Year
4)      Politician of the year
5)      Best GM of State Corporation
6)      Best GM of Private Company
7)      Best Microfinance Institution
8)      Best Government Delegate
9)      Most Result-Oriented Mayor
10)   The Most Vibrant Parliamentarian  
11)   Most Dynamic Law Enforcement Officer
12)   Corrupt Free-Police Constable
13)   Best Service to Humanity
14)   Best Agro-pastoral Complex
15)   Best Poverty Alleviation Project
16)   Climate Change Campaigner
17)   Most Applauded Modern Traditional Clinic
18)   Best Publishing Company
19)   Most Admired Philanthropist
20)    Best Farmer/breeder

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