Friday, December 28, 2012

Obi-Opkun Wanobi Osang, PAMOL GM Is No More

The General Manager of Pamol, Obi-Okpun Wanobi Osang has passed on to the Lord. Sources say the GM had a malaise yesterday December 27, 2012 during a Board meeting and later gave off the ghost. According to some classified sources, the General Manager collapsed at the board meeting and later died.
It should be recalled that in his capacity as the General Manager of Pamol, Obi-Opkun  has amazingly sailed through many hurdles that looked insurmountable. He progressively and cautiously executed a restructure program that has enabled the corporation get this far after it was earmarked for privatization. In fact, he would be remembered that he placed Pamol on a stage that is ready for increased investments through investment plans.He is the second General Manager of state corporation to kick the bucket in one month. Dust has not yet settled in the minds of football lovers, marathoniers and workers of CDC after Henry Njalla Quan was announced dead, it is now at PAMOL that there is hot air. Sources say the entire PAMOL is in a state of shock. 

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