Saturday, December 22, 2012

How Rumours "Kill" Ni John Fru Ndi

Two weeks, rumours made rounds that heaven and hell had been wide opened to receive Ni John Fru Ndi, the Chairman of the Social Democratic Front-SDF. Rumours spread like wildfire that he was untimely called up to join the heavenly choir. But not at all! SDF Chairman who at weekend set the pace by lighting Christmas candles told journalists like his friend, (Paul Biya) he cannot be fixed on the number of years “since it is God that gives life” he (Fru Ndi ) he said will live to eat cocked corn on everyone’s grave. Some sources had alleged that he was flown abroad while others merely suspected that he kicked the bucket at his Ntarinkon Residence. Almost a fortnight ago, Ni John Fru who rumours “killed” while addressing Members of the National Executive Committee-NEC was waxing strong and in good health contrary to the rumours that emanated from Yaounde that he was no more.

It should be noted that long ago, the same rumours circulated that President Biya kicked the bucket just for him to tell his detractors that he has more 25 years to live and rule Cameroon. Not long ago, it was the First Lady that rumour mongers found solace, yet it came to passed that nothing happened. Cameroon, seemingly is governed by rumours and at every given moment a high profile personality is always the target of a group of people who are specialize in spreading false information.

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