Monday, December 10, 2012

Youths, Elders, and Women Hail Barrister Eyong’s Bid for Mayorship

Axcel Mii
Barrister Eyong Elvis Eyong
The ruling CPDM is reported in panic as youths, women and elders have endorsed Barrister Eyong Elvis Eyong’s bid for mayor in Mamfe Central. According to information gathered, Barrister Eyong Elvis Eyong candidature is creating panic and pandemonium to his opponents especially CPDM bigwigs. Youths we learnt have declared him as their candidate and a sure bet for the position of mayor come 2013. At week end we gathered that PAP’s Barrister Eyong Elvis Eyong already enjoys a lot of support from the masses. And many already look up to him as messiah, to put it short, someone who will disenclave Mamfe Central giving his leadership qualities. Besides that, young dynamic aspirant’s supporters have vowed to oust the CPDM from Mamfe Central for once and for all.
According to the hint, when he made his declarations for the position of mayor, both youths and elders hailed shouting ""The man of Hope, a visionary leader, with him we Cope, without him we Mope. We want him... We need him...we love him... We the people of Mamfe Municipality need you to ensure our Security, Peace, Development and Progress, Educating and Empowering our Youths. With you our future is secured our ABLE HUMBLE SERVANT LEADER.......... BRAVO LORD MAYOR". As a matter of fact, public opinion in Mamfe holds that the village of Besongabang has been producing mayors and it is time for Okoyong village as well to make it own contribution. And that Barrister Eyong is the right person Okoyong from Okoyong village.
A young man whose name we got Thomas Tambe told this reporter a fortnight ago that " for over thirty years, we the people of Mamfe and Manyu as a whole have been looking for a competent who has us at heart. In fact we have been longing for someone who will drive the development of Mamfe". He regretted that for many years, Mamfe Central has always had deceit politicians " we have been very unlucky that every time we vote someone, he/she becomes incommunicado and we only see them back only during another election". To Thomas Tembe, Barrister Eyong Elvis has proven that he is a rare specie of politician " But with Barrister Eyong we have seen in him the values which we have been looking for. We discovered his leadership qualities when on May 10, the combined military forces of Law and Order invaded Besongabang. I am convinced that view the way he intervened, we will rely on him to transform the wrangling discords of Mamfe and Manyu at large into a beautiful brotherhood". To him, Barrister Eyong is the person who can bring transformation to Mamfe Central and Manyu Division as a whole."WE ARE SOLELY BEHING YOU LORD MAYOR BARRISTER EYONG ELVIE EYONG" he concluded.
On his part, John Mbi added that among all the aspirants, on one is fit for the job of mayor more than Barrister Eyong Elvis Eyong. "We will invest our votes for development because for many years now, we have been living on promises. Eyong is our candidate for mayor and we will all accompany him to foster development in our municipality. We have been longing for young men like him and thank God that finally we have had one on whom we can lean" he concluded.Who is Barrister Eyong
Born into the families of Eyong Manje in Okoyong village and late Pa S.E Assam of Besongabang village, Barrister Eyong studied law atMadonna University and graduated in 2007. The quest for more knowledge took him to the Nigerian Law School in Abuja where he was a member of Student Representative Council. Even though a foreign student, he stood elections as the President of the Nigerian Law School Government and finally emerged as the 2
nd runner-up. After graduating in flying colours from the Nigerian School of Law, he worked in Nigeria as Administrator of the African Business School-Abuja. While back in the country, he is currently practicing with Etah-Nan & Co, a firm of Attorney based in Douala as an associate. It should be noted that Barrister Eyong is a Member of the Nigerian Bar Association and Cameroon Bar Association as well.

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