Thursday, January 24, 2013

D.O for Nwa in Hot Water over Allocation of Grazing Land

The proximity of Nwa Sub Division to the Taraba State of Nigeria has caused the Sub Divisional Officer for Nwa, Ekwedebong Gideon Same to fall to some practices termed illegal by the population. An art which many grazers say it is a trade of land to make fast cash. Questions are bound whether the sub prefect for Nwa is allowed to auction grazing land like that which he auctioned to a foreign grazer at Mubang-Yang. Yet sources say the Sub Divisional Officer connived with the Fon of Yang to forcefully chase away a certain grazer whose name we got as Mallam Adamu Lamu and family from a piece of grazing land he had occupied for years. According to reliable sources, the D.O ordered the grazer to quit for a Nigerian grazer to settle with his cattle and when the verbal notice to quit was ignored, Mallam Adamu’s two sons were arrested and detained for about 9 days before released to go and bring back money so that a new grazing land is allocated to them. The incident, we learnt is generating heat in Nwa. Sources say some cattle on transhumance do not pass through the veterinary, the costumes etc. fears are bound that these animals may bring along with them new cattle diseases and epidemics that may cause huge loses to grazers in Donga Mantung Division and especially Nwa. Grazers in Nwa according to information we gathered are threatening to stage a sit-down strike if the matter is not given attention. Moreso, confidential sources also hinted that other cases of disputes over grazing land have been reported at Lihkop in Lih, the Mbaw plain and Mubang in Yang where more than two grazers have been allocated the same piece of land.

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