Sunday, January 13, 2013

Biya Speech: Confusion Relegates Regional Council

By FELIX TECHE NYAMUSA, SDF MBENGWI parliamentary hopeful
President Biya Paul in his end of 2012 speech announced senatorial elections and eventual creation of the constitutional court (municipal councils and parliamentary polls assumed obvious because they are routine we think) for 2013 but by design or mistake kept aside.  Regional councilors who are an integral of the Electoral College for senators.  Regional councilors, Senators and constitutional court in Cameroon despite their provision in the 1996 constitution have not been actualized for any tenable reason. Because of the insincere rogue tradition with which the powers that be have for several decades treated Cameroonians, the mention of barely senatorial polls and constitutional councilors is taken as another grand deception - either Biya will desecrate the constitution, as often in executing this or nothing at all, even the pronounced Senatorial and constitutional court will be come a reality in 2013.
Confusion is regularly maintained in Cameroon-governance so as to probably ensure the protracted incumbent CPDM regime to extend her strangle hold on Cameroonians.
Biya who for above 30 years has downgraded Cameroon to a consumer economy, with little or nothing, except primary raw material, harvested and exported so does by maintaining a one-man-show ruler ship – a show of the executive: 
·         Here the electoral code is substandard (No two round presidential or other votes
·          Cameroonians only become eligible for vote at age 20 but curiously they can obtain National Identity cards and enroll in the military and other irregularities)
·         Supposed independent ELECTORAL BODY, ELECAM is essentially composed of CPDM personnel despite the existence of over 100 political parties in Cameroon.
·         Elections here are regularly if not always rigged in favor of the incumbent ruling CPDM party.
·         Corruption is perpetuated mostly from top – the executive has deliberately amongst other things, refused to obey article 66 of the national constitution on assets declaration.
·         The educational system here is in principle not tailored to make students studying in Cameroon acquire inquisitive creative mind .Thus the high prevalence of unemployed persons, their academic qualifications notwithstanding, since they have not been drilled to self employment and provision to others of job opportunities
·         The highly heralded single electoral code of just a few months ago, April 2012 has been abused. According to this code, municipal and regional councilors form the Electoral College for senators.   But Biya in his advice-bankrupt one-man-show announced senatorial polls for 2013 while mentioning nothing on regional council elections.
·         It is hoped that such a void will be corrected without delay, less the Cameroon polity gets unnecessarily heated again with possible unpleasant consequences (social strife, disturbance of economy and general destructions).  Rumors are even rife that regime sycophants want the current questionable councilors (brought in by the controversial election body – NEO) whose mandate long expired to elect the upcoming senators!  Further, the divisive single electoral code is silent on the number of regional councilors per constituency
·         Biya banal speeches for the past over 30years (whose character will projectable be maintained), consists of promises, expectations and never a portrayal of already achieved concrete projects.
   CONAC 2012 REPORT  
Executive created anti- corruption body, CONAC, is obviously not what will serve most Cameroonians rationally.  Article 66 of the national constitution which is the supreme law of the land is meant to do this and nib corruption in the bud. Similar structures can assist no doubts but article 66 will be able to handle all Cameroonians including the president of the Republic, a thing CONAC and others are not authorized to do.
      Many a Cameroonian wishes all wrongly indicted persons by CONAC to seize the law courts, in addition to other means, and address the issues to clean their image. CONAC however may fetch out criminals- no reservation on this but regime perceived premeditated enemies will be included in this lot for political victimization          

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