Thursday, January 3, 2013

Guard Fires at Presidential Convoy?

The past two weeks have been extremely traumatizing within President Biya’s elite forces. An atmosphere of uncertainty reigns in Yaounde following rumours and allegations that a group of Presidential guards issued an open letter to the President of Republic denouncing some issues. Had the dust settled on the alleged open letter to President Biya that on December 23, 2012 at about 7:30 p.m, one of the Presidential guards allegedly opened fire at the President Biya’s convoy when he was returning from presiding at the final of the Cameroon Cup?
Yet, allegations are rife that all what has been said about the incident is bare rumour. But it goes again that some members of the elite force who were assigned to ensure the President’s security have been arrested and are being interrogated. Furthermore, it is aired that a certain Corporal Donald Abena Meba Klam, T09/1189-4 of the Presidential guard has been arrested after a burst of gunfire at the moment the head of state’s convoy arrived Elig-Edzoa on December 23. Another saying goes that he attempted opening fire at the President’s convoy, rumours claim. However, the same allegations say Donald Abena Mba Klam who "opened fire" was immediately overpowered by his comrades of the Presidential guard and was immediately transferred for detention at the headquarters of the Presidential guards before being moved to SED and is presently at the DGRE to help investigators in their investigations.
A few days before the incident of 23 December 2012, another school of thought holds that several arrests and detentions were carried out within the elite force. According to newspaper reports the incident took place before the visiting Equatorial Guinea President Obiang Nguema Mbasogo. They were accused of spreading messages of a plan participant to attempt on the President's life. The reason we gathered is that Presidential guards have long complained of their ill-treatment by the military. This is the meaning given elsewhere in pamphlet written in the form of an open letter addressed to the Head of State about their living conditions, their bonuses and other benefits that (according to them) are diverted by senior officers. This is the same irreverent tone, unusual in military circles, according to another anonymous letter posted on the Internet. Classified sources also hinted that the head of the Presidential also received embarrassing messages from anonymous numbers. It is rumoured that some members of the elite force were identified as authors and have been arrested as well. More so, it is alleged that for sometimes, some Presidential guards went for months without potable water.

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