Monday, January 21, 2013

Job Opportunity: UK based NGO Recriuting Research Assistants to Work in Cameroon

Research Assistants Needed

CAME Women and girls development organisation based in London invites qualified research University students interested in a new ambitious and innovating research project aimed at strengthening farming skills and entrepreneurial skills of women in Limbe, Bamenda and Bui. The purpose of this research is:
To assess the causes and dynamics of female poverty based on data sets from a national study conducted in Cameroon in varying geographical and economic zones with different economic activities and population size. To collect qualitative data and quantitative data and also from focus group discussions with women and participatory rapid assessment methodologies which will be used to capture the dynamics of poverty among rural women to highlight the dimensions of poverty, and the processes of impoverishment and priorities as perceived by women themselves as they focus on their realities, needs, constraints and priorities. To identify and document the meaning of poverty as understood and described by women themselves
 The research will also look at both short term and long term interventions which can contribute to strengthening farming skills and entrepreneurial skills of women in the region. The research will take place from February to May 2013, and should start by the end of January.
How to apply:
Applicants should sent their CVs by e-mail in English by January 30th 2013 to this
Preference will be given to researchers based in the Limbe, and Bamenda.
 Please contact CENDEP Limbe and Positive Vision Bamenda for further information and details

Duties & Responsibilities
This post entails providing research and administrative support for the research project implemented by CAME Women and Girls Development Organisation, Positive Vision and CENDEP.
This post is funded in part by COMIC Relief grant, and will involve work on project as well as more general duties. Funding is currently available for one year, with the possibility of extension dependent on success of current grant. It is a part-time post and may be worked as two whole days or several half days, by arrangement. The successful candidate will be supervised by Eric in CENDEP Limbe and Diana in Positive Vision Bamenda, and provide general support, which will include research tasks, and administrative tasks as detailed below.

Key Requirements
Research-based tasks are likely to include:
• Searching for and retrieving relevant readings from libraries and online sources
• Compiling bibliographies, and maintaining an Endnote database
• Drafting summaries of readings
• Searching for, retrieving, and analysing information online sources
• Assistance with data entry
• Retrieval, analysis and presentation of quantitative data
• Writing up notes from research interviews
• Coding and storing interview notes

Administrative tasks are likely to include:
• Assisting with the organisation of research interviews and occasional other meetings
• Support with e-mail and other correspondence
• Proofreading and correcting draft papers
• Creating and editing PowerPoint presentations
The post holder may be required to undertake other duties broadly in line with the above key responsibilities. The pattern of work will vary from week to week.

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