Wednesday, February 27, 2013

At Last President Biya Announces Senatorial Elections in April, Ignores Fru Ndi

President Biya has issued a Presidential Decree announcing the first Senatorial elections in Cameroon for April 14, 2013, contrary to the call from the main opposition that Senatorial elections should be postpone. The Presidential Decree of February 27, 2013 took political pundits aback giving that the mandates of present municipal councilors had long expired. Yet, they make up the Electoral College.  However it is alleged Ni John Fru Ndi declared his candidature.  Besides, Ni John Fru Ndi is quoted to have said that “if Biya wants to destroy the country” he (Biya) should announce Senatorial Elections. Yet, as usual President Biya ignored Fru Ndi’s call to announce senatorial elections. Each candidate according to what we gathered is expected to pay a deposit of one million FCFA into the state treasury. Members of the Electoral College who will participate will also receive an allowance of 50.000 FCFA.
Ni John Fru Ndi it should be recalled during his tour of Donga Mantung Division stormed Tabenken, Nkambe, Lus and Ndu where hundreds turned out to listen to SDF National chairman. 
While in Tabenken village in Nkambe Central, one of the speakers who attracted  alot of admiration was Chris Mbunwe. Chris Mbunwe, in his capacity as SDF Regional Communication Secretary thrilled the people of Tabenken on the various  political malpractices orchestrated by the CPDM to rig elections. The rigging machinery, Chris said is actually in difficulties with biometric registration. Thus, Chris Mbunwe urged his people of Tabenken to register massively in order to vote because "no single vote will be stolen". He also used the occasion to bief the population on the 14 points the SDF submitted to the Biya government. He said the SDF pressed for transparent ballot boxes, biometric registration and that the SDF is still on fighting for single ballot papers.
Stakes and Challenges
Popular opinion holds that Nfi John Fru should be appointed as President of the Senate giving his contribution to the political process in Cameroon. Base on the fact that the Constitution gives the head of state the right to appoint 30 of the 100 to make up the senate, many see no reason why Ni John Fru Ndi should not be appointed as well. Even though Ni John Fru Ndi is of the opposition, he  represents the aspiration of majority of Cameroonians. As a matter of fact, a senate without Ni John Fru Ndi will automatically means the collapse of democracy in Cameroon. However, it is not yet clear whether SDF chieftain will accept if appointed as senator. Notwithstanding,  the cordial relationship that Fru Ndi has been enjoying with his friend Paul Biya could be consolidated with his appointment into the senate. Yet the secrecy of the meeting held between Paul Biya and Fru Ndi before the head of state could leave Cameroon for Paris has been interpreted in different ways by bookmakers. Pundits are of the opinion that Fru Ndi's declaration to become senator is a no nonsense one. Yet it is difficult for him to become senator with the present councilors in place reasons why Fru Ndi himself told militants in Ndu where he made that declaration that he can only contest provide the feild is level. If senate elections hold before municipal and legislative elections, then Fru Ndi will not make it. This because SDF won 14 councils while the CPDM won 18. The number of councilors of the CPDM will be more than those of the SDF. Since the head of state will appoint 30, Fru Ndi can be one of the lucky ones to be appointed.

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