Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cabinet Shakeup: Fru Ndi Reshuffles SDF Shadow Government

The National Chairman of the Social Democratic Front has made public the SDF Shadow Government. The shadow cabinet or call it shadow government of the main opposition in Cameroon is made up of 18 substantive ministers and 18 deputy ministers. Contrary to the Biya Government with over 60 ministers, the SDF Shadow cabinet has only 36 ministers. The information was made public after a meeting of the National Executive Council-NEC of the SDF of February 16-17 , 2013 that took place in Bamenda. The ministerial departments concerned are:
-Agriculture and Rural Development:
Minister : Ofon Mathias
Vice : Mendama Maurice

2.- Defence and National Secuirty :
Minister : Colonel Chi Ngafor
Vice : Sonewa Dominic Hans

3.- Economy, Finance  and Commerce :
Minister: Fopoussi Evariste
Vice : Nkembeng Edward

4.- Education and Training :
Minister : Takoungang Jean
Vice : Tasi Ntang Lucas

5.- External Affairs :
Minister : Hon. Awudu Cyprian
Vice : Dr Samuel Atungsiri

6.- Gender
Minister: Miss Zama Judith
Vice : Ekassa Margareth

7.- Health:
Minister: Joseph Nelson Fomulu
Vice : Dr Fomambu

8.- Information and the Media:
Minister: Wafo Jean Robert
Vice : Tientcheu Eliassou

9.- Industrial Development:
Minister: Kuete Jean Claude
Vice : Che Peter

10.- Internal Affairs :
Minister: Mochiggle Vaniganssen
Vice : Tantoh Dominic

11.- Justice :
Minister: Prof Kofele Kale
Vice : Me Manga Moussole

12.- Post and Telecommunication :
Minister: Chief Paul Nji Tumasang
Vice : Ambassa Mireille

13.- Science and technologies :
Minister : Wato Gabriel
Vice : Sayou Delphine Evelyne

14.- Social Affairs, Sports et Youth :
Minister: Prof Kwi Paul
Vice : Nji Mfoundoum

15.- Tourism and Culture :
Minister : Ebelle Din Michel
Vice : Effiti Tashi Hannah

16.- Public Works and Transports :
Minister : Achah Johnas Mbah
Vice : Edimo Ndoumbe Oscar

17.- Mines, Water and Energy:
Minister: Alexander Mulango C. Fortey
Vice : Nkembe

18.- Urban Development and Habitat :
Minister : Prof Ataga Nji
Vice : Kengo Manaseh
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