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Donga Mantung Suffocating Under the Pangs of Yaounde Elite(s)

Thomas Hobbes, the 17th Century English philosopher in his classical works “Lorianthan” wrote that whenever personal interest goes above general interest, there is bound to be hatred and victimization. In such a situation Hobbes wrote “where everyone is enemy to every person, there is no place for growth because the fruit thereof is uncertain and consequently no culture of the earth, no room for changes, nastiness and worst of all, fear, poverty, character assassination and life is short”. Hobbes who at the time of the writing was against the notion of absolute power vested in some individuals believed that self-centeredness makes man morally corrupt. Therefore once man becomes an element of destruction, it is the responsibility of the state to intervene to curb the salvage instincts in order to prevent the community from chaotic behaviors and a war of all against all. It is not yet clear whether the present maneuverings by  Donga Mantung CPDM elite based in Yaounde qualifies Donga Mantung a perfect Hobbesian state of nature but it is probably the closest description to it that exist in Cameroon.
They move together yet they are suspicious of everyone. They make believe to be friends in public but sworn enemies from within because everyone is always ready to plot the other even though they all come from Yaounde. They are the Yaounde elite(s) of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement-CPDM.
During the 3rd Ordinary Congress of the CPDM, President Biya told Cameroonians that the party needed new impetus and at the end of the Congress new members were elected while some were appointed into the Central Committee of the CPDM. Dead members were also appointed while invalid and unpopular ones were also replaced.
Late Hon. SN Tamfu was moved from the prestigious position of member of the Poliburo to Honorary member. He was replaced by Regina Mundi not of Donga Mantung extraction anyway. When Hon. Tamfu was Poliburo member, these people did not see it importance yet when Regina Mundi was in Nkambe to supervise the evaluation of voters’ registration in the division, the same hawks booked for audiences to talk to her. It was strange indeed but demonstrated how stupid Donga Mantung politicians are.
The long-forgotten militants who had the opportunity to make forth their weight in politics and did not were all looking forth for an opportunity to bounce back into politics. In compliance with this open policy of the President of the CPDM, Paul Biya; Donga Mantung Division elite based in Yaounde patient dog-like were looking forward to have a fair share of the national cake. And in the final analysis, Donga Mantung came to lime-light with four of its sons catapulted into the Central Committee. Shey Jones Yembe, Ngafeeson Emmanuel, Njikong Yeriwa Stephen and Kobo Godlove were then propelled.
Remember, two Parliamentary seats Ako/Misaje, Nwa and three councils (Nwa, Misaje and Ako) in the Division are CPDM governed. Whether both opportunities have been squandered or not could only be judged from what share of the national cake is given to Donga Mantung Division. Ever since Hon. Tamfu passed away, these Yaounde elite have been trying to kill the dream of the creation of the Far North West Region. Some of them are at the forefront advocating that Misaje should be carved out and attached to Oku, Noni and Bum to create a new Division.
Since politics is the art of inventing an apparatus whose use is not known before hand, the appointment or election of Central Committee members saw the entry of forgotten politicians into the stage. Many have interpreted the act as provocative and a scheme that has transformed Donga Mantung Division into a quiescent volcano ahead of the 2013 Municipals and Legislative Elections. Impressionist had long defined this situation as ostracized courses. Allegations are rife that the manner at which Yaounde elite are tousling with cars into the Division is becoming a course for concern. The most pathetic thing is that when they last came, it is alleged they brought in Rt. Hon. Simon Achidi Achu who came to impose a senatorial candidate on the people of Donga Mantung Division. They play the role of Section Presidents in defiance to party text and party recommendations that the section President is the boss at the grass root. It is even alleged that one of them who claims Dr. Fuh Calistus is his God-father came to Ndu and moved directly into the field without the knowledge of local party officials, and when he was quizzed, he said he was designated by Dr. Fuh Calistus as Parliamentary candidate. More so, The Eye is aware that some of these Yaounde elite(s) were heard saying that they have suffered for the party and some young men just appeared to from no way and are becoming more popular as if the CPDM is part of their family property.
 As head of the Central Committee Campaign team on voters registration to Donga Mantung Division Dr. Fuh Calistus left an indelible mark when he overhauled the problems of registration in Ndu and Nwa where he also failed woefully to reconcile the differences between elected officials there. But since we must look into the past for the future, and that charity begins at home and justice next door, political pundits have been asking why he (Dr. Fuh Calistus) could not reconcile himself with his own mayor Nkenda Simon Sunde.
No right politician would mock at those who he needs to cajole to have votes. CPDM militants from Ako are reported to have vowed and gnashed their teeth they had nothing and would not accept to be humiliated. Yet Dr. Fuh Calistus Gentry is very convinced that he will win elections in Ako from one single area (Kuta).  Whether true or not, every politician has ambitions and one of them is to be appointed. Since it is legitimate for anyone to aspire, it would not be an exaggeration as it is alleged; some of them have been tipped to replace Yang Philemon at the Star Building and they need to do everything to win elections.
When judged from capability, it is clear that for a long time Donga Mantung Division has been suffering from lack of effective and efficient representation. Most often the wrong persons have been preferred to represent these people. As President Biya recently announced the birth of Greater Realization, transforming Donga Mantung Division into a construction site would certainly be a very difficult task for Paul Biya reasons why the people are worried. Of late, we gathered that some Donga Mantung elite(s) in the diaspora also gathered to raise funds in order to support the opposition parties in the upcoming local elections. Whether it is nature’s axe or fate? Yet, the decisions they took as far as Donga Mantung politics is concern would set a tougher ground for the 2013 elections in Donga Mantung Division. They decried that the present state of nature has made Donga Mantung political elite to behave like hapless lackeys because their kind of politics never pay them off. Think of the Hon. Tamfu, Hon. Kwalar, Hon. Voh, and you name the rest. The fluid of unawareness, inconsistency and lack of consideration for others vein flow. Why and how such things continuously happen in Donga Mantung Division could only be deciphered by a psychologist or perhaps historian who in the quest to understand the state of nature in Donga Mantung Division could help the new breed of politicians. Notwithstanding, one of these Yaounde Elite whose name I have just forgotten took his colleagues aback when he asked journalists to leave the meeting hall in Nkambe. If not of the timely intervention of Rt. Hon. Achidi Achu who told the journalists to stay, the unexpected would have happened. As if that was not enough, he reminded journalists that they were not invited. However, what we know about him is that he claims the position of charge de mission, whether it means what. If the work of charge de mission is to write down minutes, then he should be given a different tag name giving that at every gathering he always likes to play the role of a master of ceremony (mc). So when do our charge de mission take down minutes? That is the question many have been asking. Besides, we are aware that this man whose name my memory cannot retain is known to be a Japanese hand-break by nature. He even drives himself from Yaounde to Nkambe whereas those of lower standard with cars are chauffeur driven. It is no more secret that his ways and manners have always made others to describe likened him to the Pharisee who being unable to enter heaven, stood at the gateway to block others. We are yet to uncover whether such manners are masterminded to drag into the mud the aspirations of the young dynamic politicians who they are affair of. However this is not our main concern for now, we are not only going to enter into the cupboards of these Yaounde old guards of the CPDM, it is a promise that we will pull off their drawers as well to make out whether they have built or they have destroyed. Even though public opinion holds that some did not even developed themselves or their families, the fact that some of their brothers and sisters are among the have-not makes shame a blissful act for a pitiful number.
From this critical finding psychoanalysis, what Donga Mantung is sure to benefit from Dr. Fuh Calistus Gentry and his team of Yaounde elite is a ton load of dashed hopes and nothing else giving that many of them who have the possibilities of providing the needs of the population did just nothing. It is even pathetic that some of them come to the Division driving their own cars as if to recruit just a single driver would make other families billionaires. Some of them have proven that nobody is better where interest is superlative. Yet many are hopefully looking at the young ones like Dr. Tanya Vincent, Adamu Musa and other home based like Gerard Ngala, Abdou Borno Kamfon, Ngi Christopher, Sammy Mbgatta and Backbuin David to reverse the trends. Someone even made a remark at the Nkambe Community Hall that if the above mentioned persons were the only militants of the CPDM in the Division, they will move mountains. Hitherto they are always overshadowed by the old guards who have nothing to offer.

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