Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hon. Awudu Takes Parliamentary Largess to Youths, Church & Sub Palaces

By Kimbi V Muku
The SDF Member of Parliament for Nkambe Central cum Quaestor at the National Assembly, who is also the Executive Coordinator of Pan-African Parliamentarians Network on Climate Change-PAPNCC, Hon. Awudu Mbaya Cyprian has taken his Parliamentary largess to youths and sub palaces in Mbabi-Wat of Nkambe Central in the North West Region of Cameroon. Hon. Awudu Mbaya Cyprian stormed Mbabi-Wat a forthright ago where he made a significant donation to sustain efforts aimed at putting in place two halls. Hon. Awudu Mbaya’s Parliamentary largess also landed at the premises of the Mbabi Baptist Church where he made another significant material donation for the roofing of the CBC Pastor’s residence. For the first time, Hon. Awudu Mbaya defied all the myths and established an innovative dimension that even sub palaces are also legible to benefit from his Parliamentary Grants. The sub palaces of Fai Ndikobia and Fai Ndikwentou we gathered will be given a face-lift thanks to Hon. Awudu Mbaya Cyprian.
Before handing the donation to the beneficiaries in front of a gargantuan crowd estimated in hundreds, Hon Awudu Mbaya cautioned that the gifts should be used for the purpose that it was intended.  In other words, Hon. Awudu also cautioned the population of Mbabi that it is difficult for anyone to negotiate with visionaries who always think that what is mine is mine and what is yours is negotiable. Underscoring the importance of registering in the voters register for the upcoming elections Hon. Awudu Mbaya called on all and sundry to register massively so much so that they could elect their local officials to Parliament and the council. Harping on electoral malpractices and the machinery of the ruling party, he questioned the raison etre of some local party officials collecting receipts of potential voters. He said someone voiced out that he would empty his bank account to wink him from Parliament but he is aware that his people cannot accept to be bought as if they are goods. “Are we goods that someone can buy? He questioned. He reminded the population of Mbabi that those who have the privilege to know also have the duty to act. Hon Awudu also told the people that what he has given them is what he has worked for and not kolanuts that are picked under the pear tree. There was jubilation and fanfare when he announced that he is lobbying for the next phase of the rural electrification project to get to Chup and Mbabi.
On her part, Madame Mary Awudu who accompanied the husband to the field warned that “if you are picking a kolanut, look up the tree and see whether it has fallen from a pear tree or kolanut tree”. She also warned that the Wimbum people need another wiser and or perhaps a more numinous concept of politics, maybe remote from the universal nature because “therein those who had the opportunity to play politics erred” yet that is how some evolve and move with all the errors that have gone before us, she emphasized. “Let us avoid living by the voices that we shall never hear” she reiterated. She reminded the population that in blowing out the other persons candle cannot make thires to shine reasons why she is convinced that the marriage between the SDF and the people of Mbabi is inseparable.
Speaking on behalf of the youths of Mbabi, Ndi Godlove thanked the Member of Parliament for his timely gift. He said when they started the construction project, they were wondering how they would raise funds to buy zinc and fortunately for them, he has come to their rescue. He said the youths will spare no effort to always support the MP in all his endeavours. Comparing the support to the love the youths have for Hon. Awudu Mbaya, he echoed that real men do not love the most beautiful girl in the world but on the contrary, real men love girls who can make their world the most beautiful meaning that after all is said and done, Hon. Awudu remains their hope and aspirator.
Speaking for the sub palaces of Mbabi, Fai Ndikobia said no amount of influence can divert hem front being focus and objective. He recalled that the SDF is like a religion reasons why nothing will hamper on the 90% votes the party has gotten in every election. Fai Ndichentih on his part went memory lane recalling the people that if today they can farm their crops without any destruction it is thanks to Hon. Awudu Mbaya who fought to remove cattle from farmlands. He also reminded the population that life has three reasons: that is to be kind, to prove to be kind and to always be kind. This he said is the dress that the people of Mbabi can dress the Member of Parliament with. Rev. Pastor Tansa in his sermon also dressed Hon. Awudu Mbaya with Psalms 67. Accordingly the Man of God concluded that Hon. Awudu works are like the affects of a beautiful flower with irresistible fragrance.
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