Thursday, February 7, 2013

Mayor Gets Red Feather for Defying Myth

The Mayor of Nwa Council in the North West Region has received a red feather for being the first person to step into Mbaat and Manang villages with a vehicle.  Dr. Ngomfe Loma –David took the population of the two villages aback when on January 12, 2013, he stormed the villages not trekking on foot as had been the case in the past but by vehicle.  As the Nwa Council Toyota Hilux drove into Manang village, Dr. Ngomfe Loma David and his team were received at the entrance of the village by masquerades and a keyed up population. Echoes about the arrival of a vehicle took the two villages like wild fire.
And in less than 20 minutes, the population gathered at the Manang Fon’s palace to share in the joy. Singing there was ago-go and dancing too. Those who could have the opportunity to express their joy in speeches did it in songs.  It was total euphoria as the population sang and danced in ecstasy of the great happening. The population poured panegyric on the mayor calling on God to grant him power energy, wisdom and good health so that he could bring more development to the area. The population was celebrating unaware of the fact that the mayor also brought along good news for them. There was an explosion of happiness when Dr. Ngomfe disclosed that he will make sure that the road to the area is perfectly done and that in the next few months the population shall also have access to potable water.
The fon of Manang could not hide his emotions when the news was made public. He described Dr. Ngomfe as a development luminary and added that those who have never had the opportunity to travel out of the village have seen a car for their first time thanks to the exploits of Dr. Ngomfe. He saluted all the efforts by the mayor in fostering development initiatives in the municipality. ”. In an exhaustive mode of joy, the Fon held a meeting with members of the traditional council and unanimously agreed that the mayor of Nwa should be given a traditional title for all what he has done for the municipality in a very short time. In that light Dr. Ngomfe Loma-David was coroneted with the title of “Tamanji” meaning Father of Roses.  Apart from giving him a title, the population also promised to register massively in order to make their own little contribution in choosing their councilors who would represent them as well as their Member of Parliament in the upcoming local elections.
Dr. Ngomfe and his team drove round the two villages, where for centuries now no vehicle had never ever moved on their soil. It turned out to be another adventure full of exploits and excitement as the people jubilated. “In fact we have lost many lives here because even the motorbikes could ride on the road, now that cars have started moving on them, we can easily take anyone who is sick to hospital” Pa John Mbi told this reporter. The admiration was tremendous and colourful. By the time he was leaving the area gave him and his team a standing ovation and gave their blessings to the man of hope.
Talking to this reporter, Dr. Ngomfe Loma David said the journey to the two villages was strenuous but at the same time motivating. He added that when he was elected mayor, he understood that where the road passes development follows reasons why the opening of rural roads was top on the list of council projects. But since the council could not afford enough funds to construct the road, he moved round the villages and brainstormed with the population on a way forward. The people he said if they had the necessary hand tools they could do the work themselves. “We then decided to support the communities financially and with materials. And I am happy that the community development spirit is still alive here”. He disclosed that after Mbaat and Manang, Nwa council intends to take another exploit by linking Adere by road. Adere, he emphasized is endowed with many unexploited potentials such as the water-fall which can generate electricity supply for the entire country but unfortunately, it has no access road.

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