Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mbum Elite(s) in Diaspora Behind SDF

We, Mbum Sons and Daughters in and out of the country are pleased to inform the entire Mbum people and friends of Mbum people that:
We have resolved to be very involved in the political process in Mbum land directly and indirectly;
We are committing ourselves to supporting the Social Democratic Front party to maintain and improve on its program of development at home the best way we can; We will be advising the people of Mbumland to stand by the ideals of Social Democracy which, for the moment has been the only force that
has been dismantling the occultic set up that has held our people hostage for over 50 years today.
We will make available material. financial and other needed resources to facilitate these tasks.
It is our position and we are working out ways and means of expanding the group with time.
We are very conscious of the diabolic machinations, characterestic of the blood hounds of the ruling CPDM, that will attempt to break us donw and brake us up. We will be ourselves and we will do what we can.
Be rest assured that we will get to knowing ourselves pretty soon.
Ngeh a Mih for Mbum Friends for SDF

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