Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Special Criminal Court Burgled

 The office of the Chief Registrar of the newly created Special Criminal Court in Cameroon has been burgled. According to classified sources, the burglary took place on the night of Saturday March, 2, 2013. Even though no valuable docuements were stolen, reports say the thieves carried away a Television set and a computer screen. However, the President of the Special Criminal Court, Yap Abdou is said to have ordered for an immediate investigation into the burglary. Allegations are rife that the thieve(s) could have been looking to steal confidential documents incriminating some state officials. But yet they were stopped by the guards on duty that night, and therefore could not take with them their precious booty. However, other reports say the thieve(s) tried to force the safe where all valuable documents are kept but could not succeed. A hidden place which contains records of pending proceedings which have strong tendencies to criminalize the concerned. Unable to access the safe, the robbers found solace into the Office of the Chief Registrar, where they entered and carried away a tv set and computer screen, sources have confirmed.

Unfortunately for them, this office does not actually contain records of procedures, they are kept in another room. At Press time we also gathered that the President of the Special Criminal Court also ordered for security measures to be strengthened.
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