Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Viettel Pleadges 6,300 Direct and Indirect Jobs

Vietnam’s Viettel the third mobile operation network to operate in Cameroon has announced that it one of its priorities will be to connect all schools in the country. It a public statement this week, Viettel officials also said that at launch, the new mobile network would cover at least 81 percent of the population especially in rural areas with communication deficiency. According to the statement, Viettel also announced that its services would be 20% lesser than others. Considering that the high cost of some mobile services, mobile phones still remain a luxury in Cameroon. As a matter of fact, this statement has ignited a lot of hope in farmers who could not afford a mobile phone due to high prices.
More so, Viettel also “pledged to create some 6,300 direct and indirect jobs.”
It is aired that this week, Jean Pierre Biyiti Bi Essam, the Minister of Telecommunication, Viettel’s CEO and deputy CEO, Ho Viet Hung and Nguyen Khan Duy, discussed the company’s plans to co-ordinate its fiber rollout with Camtel.
Public opinion however holds that the coming of this new company is timely and that it will go a long way to foster development and a healthy atmosphere of competition. Analysts are also of the opinion that no matter the taxes levied on telecommunications in Cameroon Viettel will still succeed.  Many have agued that they are delighted that the competition will compel Orange and its wife MTN to surely reduce cost too to a level that will benefit the rural poor. Welcome Viettel!!

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