Thursday, April 11, 2013

ENAM Director Puts Prime Minister Yang at Loggerhead with Assembly Speaker Hon. Cavaye

PM Yang & Hon. Cavaye Djibril
 The National School of Administration and Magistracy commonly known by its French acronym as ENAM which for years has never recruited based on merit may see the light of the day thanks to the corrupt-free Prime Minister Philemon Yang. Even though criticized for being too strict, PM Yang it is alleged recently brought down the baobab tree of corruption at ENAM. The Eye gathered from a confidential source at ENAM that Prime Minister Philemon Yang dared the odds to take the bull by the horns by asking that some six relatives of House Speaker who entered into the school through the widows be shown the door out. Allegations are rife at that Prime Minister Philemon Yang ordered the dismissal of six with immediate effect after he received complaints about the issue. Sources say for fear of the political blow that may land on his forehead, on Friday, April 5, the director, Toussaint Mendzana, told the students that he was acting on strict instructions from the prime minister, meaning that the decision to expel them was taken by the Prime Minister because they did not come in through the right door. “Go back and come in through the right door like the others”. He is quoted to have told them.
 The PM reportedly ordered ENAM’s director to eject the students after they have been schooling there for over four months. “Tell them to go and wait for the entrance and come in through the official means.” PM Yang instructed the director. It is alleged that the six students didn’t participate in the entrance examination but yet their names forcefully registered. If ENAM today is tagged as a place that empowers professional embezzlers, it is because majority of those who are trained use obnoxious means to enter. They learn corrupt practices from way admissions are administered and that is why upon graduation majority transform selves into white-collar gangster. Once again, Philemon Yang is being celebrated for his uprightness even though sources say when House Speaker Hon. Cavaye Yeguie is murmuring that it is the work of his detractors. Sources say some Northerners may be victimized because it is alleged they were the ones that wrote a petition to the Prime ministry exposing the scandal. 

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