Monday, April 29, 2013

Pedigree of Two Women President Biya Could Appoint Senator from North West

As the Supreme Court is expected to declare the results of the April 14 senatorial elections today April 29, 2013, Cameroonians are more interested in the 30 senators President Biya would appoint in the coming days. The Head of state has the prerogative to appoint three senators from each region. In the North West Region, public opinion is abound on the idea that the person who should be appointed senator should be dragged kicking and screaming as is the case with the enthronement of traditional rulers abound high and not he who wants it by all cost.
Public opinion holds that two women and a traditional ruler should be appointed from the North West Region. The two women on every lip is Patience Tamfu and Madame Regina Mundi.

Patience Tamfu 
Patience Tamfu is a devoted militant of the CPDM. She is the President of the Women Wing of the Cameroon People's Democratic Movement in the United States of America. Besides, she is also a Member of the National Bureau of the CPDM in Cameroon. Considering the fact that she is a woman in active politics, she is also a sure bet for appointment. There is no gainsaying that if there is any woman in Donga Mantung whose abilities to act, construct and contribute towards nation building after the Beijing Conference, it would certainly on what she has done and has been doing. Patience Tamfu is a household name in Cameroon not because she is the daughter of former Statesman late HON. SN Tamfu but because she has proven beyond reasonable doubts that she can die and fight for the truth especially for the interest of the common man. The fact that she is based in the Diasporas is also an added advantage. If she could not be appointed from Donga Mantung, she could equally be appointed to represent the Diasporas in the Senate giving that the Diasporas have been clamouring for the creation of a Ministry that can serve their interest. In the Diasporas, her leadership qualities outmatch that of her peers and contemporaries. She practices th politics of inclusion, meaning that she makes sure that everyone is closer to her. She is therefore a sure bet. 

Regina Mundi
She is a member of the politbureau of the CPDM. During the campaigns of the April 14, 2013, Madame Regina Mundi was the Vice President of the North West campaign team. As lone female of the region in the political bureau her appointment will also mean giving the woman a voice. She has a good mastery of the rural world and would defend the interest of the woman. She hails from Mezam in the North West Region.
Speculations are high at that the traditional rulers could be HRH Fon Angwafo III. He is the 1st National Vice President of the CPDM. If appointed, he would represent the interest of North West fons given that he is also a traditional ruler.
The North West is expecting that two women should be appointed. This is so because President Biya is not only talking of a 10% quota for women but a 30%.  The Northwest woman has been so instrumental in nation building.  This is so because I think a senator should not be that person who wants it the must. Since this is not a joking matter, the last person President Biya should be appointed senator should not be the one who wants it the most. The one who should be appointed should be the person who should be dragged kicking and screaming. If not the Upper House will be a rubber stamp like the Lower House where we observed MPs voting bills depending on how much enter into their pockets and along party lines. Majority of those who were elected into the National Assembly from my judgment are crooks. A senator per se would likely be the person who will be appointed by the Head of state not those who were elected on April 14, 2013. Public opinion holds that money and party discipline rigged the polls.
Everyone is looking at President Biya in the face to appoint senators. Lobbyists are allegedly stationed in Yaounde to influence the appointment of the three senators for North West Region.

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