Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Senatorial Challenges: Councilors to Vote their Consciences?

 By Teche Nyamusa, SDF Parliamentary Aspirant for Mbengwi Central
Councillors  of all parties ,sanction the illogical distribution cum money laundry of the Biya regime – vote for the SDF, Cameroon’s meaningful opposition; vote against  plunder of  human wealth  and pillage of the strong economy President Ahidjo left  for all Cameroonians ; vote  against the CPDM lists  ; vote in disagreement to  bad roads , epileptic electric  light supply and questionable-quality and limited-extent  “Clean” portable water supply, free yourselves from fear and poverty,  vote out the regime /CPDM lists come 14 April 2013 senatorial election.
 Fru Ndi’s Social Democratic Front (SDF) party encountered all kinds of torments including massive maiming and killing from the Biya regime before she was launched in 1990 – then Biya/Fon Angwafor/Achidi Achu and other CPDM cohorts danced on the nation’s streets that multiparty democracy is not good for Cameroonians! The SDF and global forces for democracy worked against CPDM - today we have some sort of choice which includes these senatorial. Councillors of all parties, vote against the party that has caused most of our children and relations to see emigrating, irrespective of involved hardship and risk, to other countries and or continents (Europe, America, Japan etc) as the only hope for earning a comfortable living,   because of mismanagement  and squander mania in Cameroon .
 Biya single-handed decides on date of elections and money for campaigns in Cameroon always disfavouring the opposition. Despite this daftness, the little resources Cameroonians put together for the opposition have always beaten CPDM at these elections but for fraud, guns and wayward elections bodies employed to rig them through.
For the senatorial where only councillors vote, rigging has to be highly checked thus CPDM has to be sanctioned.
Councillors be ye of CPDM, SDF, CDU, UNDP, MDR, APF … vote your consciences, vote for farm to market roads, vote for non rationing of electricity in a country with vast water falls and potential water pools for dams. Do not be afraid councillors for if Fru Ndi and other democracy vanguards have not been slaughtered 23 years after re-launch of democracy it is not you who should be intimidated. Councillors of all parties, remember, the entire Cameroon before 1990 was of one party – CPDM. People openly rebelled and dumped the CPDM joining SDF and the opposition. Today there is relative freedom; - multiparty has come against Biya’s wish. Now the senate – upper house of parliament – vote the right, vote for your children’s welfare, vote for your under privileged relatives, vote for farm to market roads for your villages.
Cameroon has abundant wealth in natural resources, human resources yet we are poor - councillors are not on any salary in Cameroon except perhaps what they have given you now, as bribe for votes, to buy your principles. Councillors, sanction, for the good of posterity to say the least, this insensitive regime. Five hundred thousands francs(FCFA 500 000) more or less given you by regime/ CPDM barons is insufficient to take care of you and your family health bills, education, feeding …. A good regime would use the money embezzled and mismanaged to put councillors as well as others toiling for the country on comfortable monthly salaries as practised in other countries. A government with an inhuman tax regime meant to hold down business people because of fear of competition, a country with poorly adapted curriculum so that our children complete school and walk the streets looking for employment instead of employing themselves by creating jobs and occupying others as obtained in other countries – youths, Cameroonians urge your parents, brothers, sisters councillors to help you sanction not in favour of any CPDM lists! 
                The meaningful opposition, the SDF is the party that helps in creating confidence for foreign businesses to invest in Cameroon- any meaningful investor in this triangle had always asked the regime of the main opposition’s take on the particular investment before putting money in our country.  The SDF is responsible for the peace reigning in this country – rational Cameroon youths have umpteenth time asked SDF leadership to declare ceaseless warfare on these CPDM elections frauds but understanding the composition and timing, the SDF hierarchy has regularly pleaded for postponement of the fight and sued for gradual significant empowerment of all Cameroonians. The regime in place time without number provoke the  people by open cheating and  stealing particularly at elections with hope of brutalizing angered demonstrating citizens and rule by guns etc but the SDF has pensively and wittingly dodged these and sued for continuous democratic progress. Today most of the things the SDF called for and Biya people refused, are being implemented – multiparty democracy; proliferation of media houses ;CIGs ; NGOs and the civil society in general ; biometric registration of voters etc. Vote Chairman Fru Ndi’s 2013 senatorial lists, vote the SDF lists, vote the meaningful opposition. Some former opposition parties are today members of what is referred to as “The presidential majority” which takes care of only their stomachs and maintain Biya in power.  Ask people like Achidi  Achu, Fon Angwafors and their likes in other regions of the country to tell Biya the truth , let these CPDM fans tell Biya to look meaningfully into the future  to consider  our  children and future generations, to  industrialize Cameroon so that the skilled and non-skilled can be able to have jobs, let the CPDM top-shots know that there is a deep seated former southern Cameroons problem tearing the country apart and impoverishing it.  Cameroonians and friends of Cameroon, let the ruling CPDM rulership know that these councillors – Electoral College we are counting on now in Cameroon to put in Senators are amongst the most suffering and beggarly Cameroonians today -  they work for almost no pay.  Non-voting Cameroonians, the country will make progress if all of us individually and or as groups explain the stakes involved in these elections to all councillors irrespective of party. Hence the April 14, 2013 senatorial vote involves all Cameroonians and friends of democracy!

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