Thursday, April 11, 2013

Senatorial Challenges: Minister Fuh Consolidates CDPM Votes in Nkor Council

By Tamngwa Marcel
Minister Fuh Calistus flanked by councilors of Nkor Council
The 25 councilors of Nkor Council in Noni Sub Division of the North West Region have declared that the SDF party will not pass through them to go to the senate. The SDF councilors told Dr. Fuh Calistus Gentry, a member of the North West CPDM Campaign team that it would be suicidal for them to forget the party that voted them to the council to cast their votes for the opposition. The councilors made their position clear today April 10, 2013 in an in-camera with the secretary of state for Mines, Industries and Technological Development. Before leaving Nkor council, Minister Fuh Calistus Gentry told journalists that the reason of his mission to that municipality was to commune with his brothers and sisters, share ideas as well as strategize for the April 14, 2013 senatorial elections. Minister Fuh Calistus also added that his trip to Nkor Council is also due to the fact that the people of Noni and Misaje people share cultural values, which further strengthen their union. He said he is leaving Nkor Council full of optimism and pride due to the commitment of the councilors. Dr. Fuh Calistus told the Press that he was delighted that there is peace, serenity and unity among the CPDM councilors of Nkor Council.
On his part, the Section President of the CPDM, Forgwei Alfred added that Nkor Council will give it all to the CPDM party which they have stood by for many years today. He also announced a 100% vote for the CPDM senatorial list come April 14, 2013. On the other hand the Mayor Nkor Council Shey Michael Kume said that the councilors will vote on party lines adding that the CPDM list is the best in the region. Shey Michael Kume said that if they vote against the party, it would mean that they are handing over the council to the opposition. He said councilors are aware of the challenges ahead and know very well that they were voted into the council as flag bearers of the CPDM. “We cannot go against the will of the people who voted us into the council. They voted us as flag bearers of the CPDM and so it but normal for us to keep the flag flying by defending the interest of the people who voted us”, he concluded.
Contrary to hearsay that the Nkor council is in factions, the mayor castigated it as baseless rumours and added that even if they are some internal problems, those ones would be shift aside for party discipline to rein. Shey Michael Kume said Nkor Council is very lucky that all the 25 councilors are intact. “We have had no death and I think it is a blessing that we will all have the privilege to choose the ever first senators of this country”. This he added is but a pride for the CPDM and the people who voted them to represent them at the council.
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