Friday, April 5, 2013

Senatorial Challenges: The Unexpected at CPDM Regional Launching in Bamenda

 By Fai Cassian Ndi
The launching of the senatorial campaigns by the ruling CPDM took place today April 5, 2013 in Bamenda under the auspices of President of the CPDM campaign team for North West Fo Angwafo III of Mankon, 1st National President of the CPDM. Sources hinted that one of the key speakers during the launching was Madame Regina Mundi, member of the CPDM Politbureau and Vice President of the campaign team. To Bamenda based journalists of the private press, the launching of the senatorial campaigns by the CPDM in the Northwest was considered as a non-event. Those who took the pains to be part of the launching went home more confused than when they were given that even the few councilors in Mezam were conspicuously absent, as well as journalist. Journalists in Bamenda especially of the private media according information gathered have decided to turn their backs on anything CPDM at the regional level. Moreso it should be recalled that last March North West Journalists and Newspaper publishers wrote to President Biya decrying the poor treatment and sidelining of journalists of the private media during public manifestations. In a letter signed by over 17 practicing journalists of the private media, and another signed by 10 newspaper publishers based in the North West Region, they complained bitterly that the independent media (print and audio visual) were subjected to marginalization. Beside, they also mentioned that during the 2011 Presidential elections, Northwest journalists were still sidelined in the distribution of government support to private media. In the letter to President Biya the two groups also observed that 10 million FCFA has been disbursed to other regions to enable journalists cover the upcoming senatorial election, yet Northwest Region was sidelined. They however observed that few unscrupulous and misguided collaborators of the head of state in members of “government are busy destroying” the good intention of the head of state “in the hope that we will be mute as usual”.
Accordingly, the journalists called on the head of state to look into their worries and that if funds have been allocated to facilitate private media houses do their job during the April 14, 2013, senatorial elections, media houses based in the North West region should as well be given their own share. The unexpected took place today at the launching in Bamenda as journalists of the private media really demonstrated that they have decided to turn their backs on the CPDM. Talking to this reporter on phone, one journalist name withheld said that since Northwest elite under Yang Philemon have always claimed that they can easily manage the press, they should do it. He said it is just the beginning because those ministers who usually travel from Yaounde with their pocket journalists should keep it up. Sources say the Press briefing by SDF Senatorial list leader was heavily attended by journalists as well as councilors as compared to what took place at the Bamenda Congress Hall today. "The same people traveled from Yaounde to Bamenda to come and address themselves", it is really unfortunate that these people continue to placard the CPDM to hide their ordeals, one passer-by is quoted to have observed.

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