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Senatorial Results: Dr. Fuh Calistus Gentry’s Outburst of Joy

 By Fai Cassian Ndi
Elated Dr. Fuh Calistus with Gerard Ngala
The Secretary of State in the Ministry of Mines, Industry and Technological Development, Dr. Calistus Fuh Gentry cum CPDM Donga Mantung Campaign team leader after following the preliminary votes count putting his CPDM party on the lead in the Division and the North West Region, boasted that history had turned tables as the opposition headquarter has been moved from its North West fief to the West Region. This was Dr. Calistus Gentry’s outburst of joy after the Donga-Mantung polls were counted in favour of his CPDM party, and at the instance of clandestine reports from other Divisions of the Region. Dr. Fuh Calistus Gentry said that the CPDM in Donga Mantung Division is united and will remain intact.
Talking to journalists in Nkambe, he exploded that the result was a confirmation that the people of Donga-Mantung had not only realized the wonderful achievements of the ruling party but had discovered a party that holds the brightest future for them. He praised councilors for that foresightedness. He called for those still lagging behind to hasten up and join the train else they regret
Dr. Calistus Fuh praised his people for the very calm and peaceful atmosphere before, during and after the elections: he counted it as a proof of mature democracy in Donga-Mantung Division worth emulating. He said it was time the people were allowed to the freedom of choosing good things for themselves. However, he only attempted refuting the fact that they caged their CPDM councilors from the political claws of the SDF opposition party. He said they were not caged per se but held them for educative meetings. He echoed that the CPDM was functioning within the ambit of the law and was above such politics.
All night long jubilations, Shey Jones, Ngafeeson on pic
Allegations are rife that witch doctors were ferried from areas like Adere and other far off places to frighten councilors. More so, some unconfirmed sources say some CPDM councilors were forced to take oaths before reaching Nkambe. However, The Eye is investigating into all these allegations.

What They Said:
Mafor Achidi Achu Judith (Member of CPDM Sub Divisional Campaign Ndu)
Reacting after the preliminary vote counts at the three polling stations in Nkambe, Mafor Achidi Judith she was elated that her party has won. She said for once the CPDM has had an easy walk over the SDF in Donga Mantung Division. She also added that she was also happy that she is part of the team that contributed to the success story. Drawing her inspiration from the famous Santa mafia style of politics, she said politics is about development and that the people turn to benefit much from the CPDM.
Harping on the conduct of the polls, she said if all others elections could be as calm, transparent and hitch-free like the senatorial, politics would not be regarded as a dirty game. “I was sure and certain that we were going to win” she concluded.

            HON. GENESIS Mbucksek( NWA)
On his part, the Member of Parliament for Nwa, Hon. Genesis Mbucksek, (CPDM) who represented the CPDM in polling station “A” upheld the CPDM family in Donga-Mantung Division for working as one and turning down history. He said the CPDM-favoured result was thanks to the fact that even militants of the opposition had realized themselves and were then focused. Boasting like one who now hosts Donga-Mantung’s pioneer Senator (Retired Prof. Jikong Stephen Yeriwa), Hon. Mbucksek expressed that for once Nwa was honoured with such a position. He disclosed that it was another way to completely disenclave Nwa. The MP said the CPDM in Donga-Mantung proved so faithful to the party that all of their councilors voted their candidates. He also thanked some of the SDF councilors who exhibited patriotism, solidarity and a sense of focus by voting the CPDM candidates. He hinted that this was because they had achieved much and were sure to grab more from the ruling party. This action especially by the opposition party militants, the MP opted that government should take special consideration and fulfill the people’s aged expectation of creating administrative units in the Division and more importantly the creation of the Savannah Region beside facilitating the tarring the Ring-road stretch through the Division.
He opined that political parties were meant for development, and voting the CPDM, was the only way to lobby for more development. He boasted that the Senatorial election in the Division without any incidence was a true test of veritable democracy in that part of the country. However, he made vain efforts to deny the allegation that their victory was at the instance of their caged councilors that survived the political claws of the SDF party.

                                      Hon. Awudu Mbaya (SDF MP for Nkambe).
Hon. Awudu Mbaya was one of the polling agents representing the interest of the SDF. Talking to journalists, the SDF MP for Nkambe who also doubles as Questor at the National Assembly said the election was conducted in a peaceful, calm and serene atmosphere. However, he cited an ugly instance where two persons in different polling stations put all of their two ballot papers into the waste basket and only one of them was allowed to repeat process and the other suspected opposition electorate denied the same illegal favour. He said it was for the fact that CPDM had more councilors than SDF, the CPDM was already winner.
He said, allowing people who had long resigned from the council and their official documents forwarded to hierarchy, coupled with the fact that they had absented from council sessions, to vote was clear proof of CPDM’s rigging machinaery. “However, like a democrat, I accept the CPDM victory. There is no reason to create problems where there are no problems”, he reiterated. Contrary to those who were chanting that the CPDM will also win in the upcoming parliamentary and municipal elections, Hon. Awudu doubted their political prowess.
Hon. Awudu Mbaya also revealed that CPDM’s victory stood on the fact that CPDM councilors from Ako, Misaje and Nwa were caged in the residences of Jones Shey Yembe and Ta-nformi Gerald Ngala. He accused them of flaunting their electoral rights to campaign these councilors and tampering with the councillors’ freedom of movement. He said this act started in Misaje where they escaped with councillors from Ni John FRU Ndi who was visiting and had the rights to talk to the councillors. “This is a gross violation of human rights”, he reechoed.
            The senatorial election not withstanding, the SDF firebrand MP was very optimistic about the forthcoming municipal and Legislative elections thus vowing to grab all the council and Parliamentary seats in Donga-Mantung. He assured that all had been put in place to check the CPDM’s rigging machinery given that with the biometric, these political elite(s) will be hooked. Allegations are rife at that some SDF councilors were handed laptops and phones to vote CPDM. 

Gerard Ngala (CPDM Parliamentary Aspirant)
CPDM Parliamentary aspirant, Ta-Nfomi Gerard Ngala said he was pleased with the conduct of the election and above all the calm atmosphere that characterized the polls. He expressed joy that the CPDM victory to him was quite inspiring because they put in much effort for the election. He said that the SDF has been chased away from the North West Region to the West Region. Implicitly, Gerard Ngala was passing a message that the SDF has also been moved from Donga Mantung Division for good.

Those who snubbed the Press                      
Earlier before the counting of the ballots at the Nkambe polls, the Substantive CPDM senatorial candidate, Prof. Jikong Stephen Yeriwa turned down a press interview and when the preliminary votes count was over journalists were unable to locate him to get his impressions. Besides, given that his alternate Ngi Christopher once declared that they were not newspaper politicians, no journalist cared to get his opinion on the conduct of the polls. Meanwhile another CPDM bigwig, Hon Shey JonesYembe whom The Eye spotted in the crowd jubilating snubbed journalists without any remorse. Journalists who spotted Shey Jones jubilating and enchanting out bursting that a similar defeat of the SDF will surface soon at local elections picked their shock when they followed him to his residence and the unexpected struck them. To their greatest surprise, Hon. Shey Jones Yembe refused talking to the Press. Nkemda Simon Sunde of Misaje is also reported to have absconded from an interview. According to a hint the Misaje CPDM is running out of time with him as mayor.

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