Monday, April 15, 2013

Senatorial Results: Oku/ Noni Councilors Vote SDF to Sanction Yang Philemon

 By Baweson Ndi
PM Yang Philemon
Preliminary vote counts in Bui Division puts the ruling CPDM party ahead of the SDF yet an atmosphere of stale familiarity is reported in Oku/ Noni, PM Yang Philemon’s Constituency. The Eye is aware that some councilors of Elak-Oku council and Nkor council voted for the SDF list in Bui. Accordingly, confidential sources hinted that some councilors suspected to have voted for the opposition SDF party are being monitored. It is even alleged that the phones of councilors were seized before D-Day, if not the result in Bui would have been catastrophic for the ruling CPDM party. Although the CPDM won in Bui Division by 120 votes as against 71 for the SDF, indicators are rife at that if not that the councilors were strategically shared in polling stations according to their council areas, PM Yang would have picked his shock.
More so, another source also revealed that to reduce the damage, councilors of Oku/Noni voted in one polling station but some disgruntled CPDM council passed the long rumoured sanction vote on PM Philemon Yang. CPDM bigwigs in Yang’s constituency have vowed to fish out the traitors and to deal with them accordingly. According to them the councilors violated party instructions and are considered as traitors, and must be treated as “enemies in the house.” They consider it not only as exercising their democratic rights but attempt to humiliate their own brother, Philemon Yang, the Prime Minister of the Republic. After preliminary vote count, it is alleged the councilors left Kumbo being fractionalized. Sources say the councilors used the opportunity to emit warning signals that the population of Oku/Noni is not happy with the Prime Minister, Yang Philemon. Besides, Elak council it is alleged is also another scene of anger with numerous scandals which PM Yang has never cared to give an ear (watchout separate story on Oku). It is alleged that this is just the beginning because even in Nkor Council there is a lot of division. The Eye is aware that some councilors of Nkor council have been placed under surveillance by local party officials. It is aired that the Section President Forgwe Alfred has vowed that if the said councilors are from Noni, they will be exposed.
            Nevertheless, many people have criticized such a diabolic intension describing it as undemocratic and unconstitutional. Others have said it was humiliating to think of such act given that in any election each individual has his free-will to any choice. Although suspicions are high that the two candidates might have come from Philemon Yang’s Oku councilors, it is observed that it was but a show of democracy. And that the CPDM bygones struggling to defend the obvious were rather begging favour from the PM in a lobbying strategy that may rather annoy the PM.( Up Next: How PM Yang Abandoned Kumbo-Mbinon-Lassin Road & Scandals Teraing Nkor Council apart)

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