Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sentaorial Challenges: Open letter to NW/SW Councilors

 By Fai Cassian Ndi
Time to Believe in the Future

What is very important during this first ever senatorial election in Cameroon is that the ordinary Cameroonian wants an improved standard of living. The senate is one of those instruments that will vote better laws. Since politics is about development, the North West and the South West Regions have every reason to learn from the happenings around the world because we live in a connected world. What happens in another regions and countries can happen right here in front of our eyes and at our doorsteps. The 2013 Senatorial Elections is about the future of Cameroon.Campaigns started on March 30, 2013 yet it is as if there is nothing going on in Cameroon. At the time of writing this piece I have not come across a single poster announcing this candidate or that. Is it that a group of persons have taken the country hostage? Why is it that campaigns messages are only passed on radios? Anyway I hear FCFA 2billion has been earmarked to buy councilors in the North West Region by one political party whose name I have just forgotten. I also hear FCFA 2billion is heading for the South West Region to buy votes by the same white collar thieves.  Besides, I have been reliably informed that even another political party which for years has been claiming to be a model in democratic practices has gone solo in the Northwest and Southwest regions negotiating behind with councilors to buy votes. A shame of our democracy now lays in your hands. Pay back time is now.
As campaigns for the April 14, 2013 Senatorial Elections go solo, it is obvious that some people will always seek to use money to buy votes. If you could accept money and sacrifice the future, that choice may not be the best.  FCFA 500 000) more or less given you for a vote is insufficient to take care of you and the next generation. I know it is much money but I agree that you collect the money from whosoever wants to buy your conscience and “chop” not to vote for that person. Nobody will know whether you vote for or not. It is your time to make money but after all it is about building a better Cameroon. It is the choice that you the councillors of South West and North West shall make at the polls that will determine the future of this country.  The future as I say is in the ballot for obvious reasons, notably because it is the senate that will re-shape the future of this great nation.
Of late, many people thought that it does not matter for anyone to forfeit the future for instant pleasures. One councillor even told me that as long as his taking bribe does not affect his farms, small business and income, he would turn to give an ear happily to instant pleasures. Politics, he told me is business and only the highest bidder who pays for it, gets it. But to me a political program should not make us indifferent because, after April 14, 2013, the core of where we all want to go shall be determined. In the past majority of us care less "and we would say that it is politics and campaign machinery that keeps the politicians. I believe if we want to change our future, our time is now.
We cannot practically hand this country to adventurers. I smell the concern and how much we all care in the reply. But when poverty falls upon the people, it is but natural that only a government with good structures like Parliament and Senate can take care of and eradicate it. By voting senators based on their capabilities the future is likely to look bright. This is Our Time to steer the country and be part of History. Every single eligible voter (yes, it includes each and everyone that could not vote because you were given a say in the future and you chose to ignore it. By letting others make a choice for you, you made your choice too. So if things go wrong, blame yourself). But for those who were fortunate to be elected as councilors, be aware that April 14, 2013 is your day to contribute in building this great nation. Maybe in your council, you were a back-bencher, it is now time for you to have a say where only few would have the privilege.
It is politics. And it matters. It matters because the senate we elect will set economic policies, design the education systems for our children, and provide public services for us and so on and so forth. As the senate is elected and paid for by the people, it is thus, accountable to the people in all its actions. Everything of the senate touches and affects us. Do not be left back.
 The economic policy will settle on whether we are flexible and can withstand economic crises, whether our laws will encourage business friendly environment to encourage entrepreneurship and investors to come and invest here to create a vibrant economy and improve our earnings and living standards. If North West and South West choose to vote people based on tribal lines, party leniency, the results will be that after, after tomorrow no one should complaint of marginalization. The Time is Now.......

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