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Biya Scared as Fru Ndi Rejects Appointment into Senate, Belinga Ebouto Again

 By Fai Cassian Ndi
SDF National chairman met again with Martin Belinga Eboutou in Yaounde, a presidential insider hinted The Eye on grounds of anonymity last weekend. The secret talk is coming at the heels of the unofficial trip to Ntarinkon last month by the Vice Secretary General of the Cenral Committee of the CPDM, Gregorie Owona. Gregoire Owona, who was in Bamenda to official launch Labour Day activities storm Ni John Fru’s residence.
These secret meetings are coming after all 70 elected Senators had been made known by the Supreme Court acting in place of the constitutional council last week. Presently focus has been on the 30 personalities to be appointed by the Head of Sate. Yet, sources say the meeting with Martin Belinga Eboutou will center on the appointment of SDF militants into the senate. An SDF authoritative voice hinted that SDF chieftain is expected to submit a list of 20 names. Speculations as to whether Fru Ndi’s name is on the proposed SDF list cast doubts given that shortly after the proclamation of the senatorial results, Ni John Fru Ndi, told newsmen at his Ntarinkon Residence that his hopes of becoming a senator had finally been dashed. “I will not accept to be appointed”, the SDF Chairman is quoted to have opined. Accordingly, he vouched how he had submitted a list to President Biya with his name not included, to be appointed. Presidential sources hinted that the President Biya has not been comfortable with Fru Ndi’s declarations reason why he was summoned to Yaounde last weekend. Fru Ndi left for Yaounde a day after Achi Achu was spotted at the Prime Minister’s Office.
Although details of Fru Ndi’s latest encounter with the Director of Civil cabinet at the Presidency still remains covert, Chronicle gathered that it could not have been complicated: that the presidency had been crest fallen over the issue that having met with its bargain, Fru Ndi was still proving to be tough. Accordingly, the presidency had been uncomfortable with the SDF chairman’s press declaration that he will not accept to be appointed as senator, contrary to the deal he stroke.
It is alleged that President Biya has been grappling to meet up with what Fru Ndi actually requested that the SDF Chairman has presently vouched to be recognized as the main opposition leader in Cameroon and granted a status. Classified sources confirmed that the putting in place of the senate is first an avenue for Fru Ndi’s trappings to be acknowledged. That with first two (2) political parties to govern the Upper House (Senate) there would thus be two senatorial groups. More so, SDF chairman would be elected 1st Vice President of the Senate and then his much requested status would come to see the light of the day. The fact that Fru Ndi has rejected Biya’s Plan “B”, is creating a lot of havoc given that President Biya is leaning on the Grand West (North West and West) regions to sustain his greater realization programme.  
What Fru Ndi has actually been discussing with Belinga Eboutou since 2010 has been the question on many lips.
The Eye is aware that Biya opened up to Fru Ndi during celebrations marking the 50th anniversary of the Cameroon Armed Forces in Bamenda in December 2010. Thanks to Governor Abakar Ahamat. This new found relationship has been tussling CPDM bigwigs in the North West Region who use to paint the SDF black in order to excel. Yet when both Biya and Fru Ndi shook hands for the first time in 20 years, CPDM political hawks were shocked. Biya invited Fru Ndi at Etoudi for New Year wishes presentation and there after for the Agro-pastoral show in Ebolowa. The SDF chairman respected and even attended May 20 manifestations at May 20th Avenue in Yaounde and the reception at the Unity palace thereafter in same year, 2011.
This new phase of politicking had since ushered varied interpretations. Fru Ndi even told newsmen that Biya has assigned Belinga Eboutou to be the liaison between them. This, The Eye is aware, accounts why when Fru Ndi threatened matchets (cutlasses) not to participate in the last senate elections, he was immediately invited to Yaounde where he allegedly stroke a deal. The outcome of the secret pact, The Eye has been alerted, being the 14 senatorial seats, whereas SDF was not to have a single. Yet Fru Ndi told The Eye in Bamenda shortly after the official proclamation of the senatorial results that he negotiated for a free, fair and transparent election.
The other part of the deal is yet to be fulfilled with the appointment of SDF officials into Senate. Yet, Fru Ndi told newsmen that he would not be one of the SDF officials appointed, yet admitted that SDF officials should be appointed.
Who actually would be those Fru Ndi wants to be appointed into the Senate under the SDF ticket. Speculations are rife that Barrister Francis Sama, the Bar council President, National Legal Adviser of SDF and Fru Ndi’s cousin’s name can not be outside those shortlisted. Another school of thought holds that Fru Ndi would have submitted the name of Gladys Cheka Ntala for appointment to respect that democratic prowess of the SDF even though she could not make it through elections.
More recently at a press conference in Yaounde, Battonier Sama declared that it would be amiss for the Senate to exist without a representation of the Bar council. It is believed that even if he is not appointed under the ticket of the bar, he could just come in under Fru Ndi’s proposal
Yet Biya wants Fru Ndi in the Senate. Reason why the SDF chairman was hastily summoned to Yaounde last weekend. It is however unclear whether Fru Ndi will crouch down or stick to the fact that his other apostles pick up the gauntlet while he steps aside waiting to be elected President.
Tipped for Senate Appointment
Constitutionally, President Biya has until thursday to appoint 30 senators to complete 100-member senate, that is by law, at most 10 days after proclamation of election results last April 29. Speculations abound that amongst the names shortlisted are Joseph Owona, Mbombo Njoya, Fon Teche, Nkwain Francis and Fon Ghayongha III of Bali etc. The CPDM haven won the seven seats in the North West again a Presidential insider hinted that all the three senators will be CPDM. (a suivre)
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Year after year Fru Ndi is just becoming a shadow of himself. He was not proposed to be appointed as senator, this report is geared towards upgrading his image after his shameful defeat at the senatorial elections;