Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Cameroon Rubber Stamp Senate in First Ever Plenary Session Today

 By Macbright Nfor
As prescribed by the constitution of Cameroon, the pioneer senate meets in a plenary session today, May 14, 2013. The session takes place at the national assembly. Amongst others, the 100 senators are expected to put in place the standing order of the House, election of the Bureau. The session will be chaired by the eldest member of the House who will be assisted by the two youngest senators.  The long awaited day for the validation of their mandates is expected to be a spectacular one given that majority of them are very old. Public opinion however describes the senate as the recycling house of old political guards. While another school of thought holds that President Biya used the senate to compensate his old political allies like Dakole’s MDR, Bello Bouba’s NUDP and Tchiroma’s FSNC. Yet speculations also abound that NUDP’s Secretary General Flabout Ngayap had rejected his appointment into the senate. All eyes are turned at the National Assembly to confirm this serious allegation. The fact that President Biya keeps recycling the old political deceits is creating a lot of doubts and serious debates. Pundits are of the opinion that the senate will come to past as a rubber stamp as is the case with the National Assembly. Youmo Koupit Adamou, CDU head of list in the West Region who also turned down his appointment as alternate to Sultan Adamu Ndam Njoya, is reported under serious pressure. It is alleged Youmo Koupit has been promised 25 million FCFA if he reconsiders his decision.
Notwithstanding, 14 traditional rulers are said to be senators. This is the first of it kind that traditional rulers have been considered given that some of them have turned to be liabilities to the elite. “Royal Beggars” as described by Kehbila Fokum in one of his books, have been given the opportunity to take part in decisions concerning the life of the nation. Considered as auxiliaries of the administration, some of them earn as little as 16.000 FCFA, yet that amount is never constant. For more than a year now, some of them have gone without a dime.
The national Assembly has been given a face-lift beautification work has been undertaken. From all indications, it is ready to host the Senators.  Everything seems to be ready to welcome the senators this afternoon.
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