Monday, May 13, 2013

GBHS Nkambe Gone!

By Minie Moko-lah
Louis Mbapes Mbapes, Minister of Secondary Education is expected to appoint a new Principal or set up a caretaker committee for Government Bilingual High School Nkambe this week. This is so because Government High School has gone for a week without the school principal. Yet, both the regional and divisional delegates have been undertaken by two incidents that have reduced the school to floor level within a week. Classified sources at the Regional Delegation of Secondary Education for North West in Bamenda hinted this reporter that Sunjo George is expected in Nkambe on Wednesday May 15 in relation to two major incidents. North West Governor, Lele Lafrique is quoted to have summoned and instructed the regional delegate that lasting solutions be reached immediately to ensure that the school year ends well at GBHS Nkambe.
Last Monday May 6, 2013, Upper Sixth and Lower Sixth students stormed the street in a protest to claim the reimbursement of computer and lab fees they paid to the school administration yet have not had the classes nor worked in the lab since the year started. Both the Senior Divisional Officer for Donga Mantung Division and Divisional delegates were taken aback when another scandal surfaced that the principal of the school Madame Nkwe Lucy was in police dragnet. The news spread the town like wild-fire that the principal was napped in a baby scandal. “Sha” drinking spots, white-mimbo, fiang drunkards etc had each their own version to tell.  
The Eye gathered that the principal was spotted in Buea in a confused mode given that she might have been tricked by some herbalists. Allegations are rife at that she was arrested and detained but was later granted bail. Police sources as well as security reports confirm that her arrest is linked to a baby scandal and that hierarchy has already forwarded a report to the Minister for appropriate measures. Questions abound whether the principal is guilty of the act or not. Since there is no smoke without fire, the judicial police in Buea is investigating the matter.
It is alleged that she was picked up by police for illegally possessing a baby. However, the Judicial Police in Buea is investigating into the matter.
To instill calm at GBHS Nkambe, another source hinted that a crisis meeting took place in Bamenda on Saturday on strict instructions from North West Governor. According to the hint, Yaounde has been alerted by fax on both incidents as the Minister of Secondary Education is quoted to have been informed on the incident that led to the arrest of the principal and the uprising by students.
An authoritative voice in the Ministry hinted that hierarchy is however worried that the unfortunate incidents are happening at a point in time that students are preparing for the General Certificate of Education and end of year exams.  
In fairness, we however attempted to get in contact with the principal by phone but unfortunately, her phone was out of reach.

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