Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Hon. Awudu Mbaya Rubbishes Dr. Nick Ngwanyam, Says Dr. Nick's Constituency Begins and Ends at St. Louis

 By Fai Cassian N
The Member of Parliament for Nkambe, Hon. Awudu Mbaya has described Dr. Nick Ngwanyam as a political deceit whose constituency begins and ends at St. Louis Institute in Bamenda. Hon. Awudu Mbaya Cyprian lashes that CPDM bigwigs in Donga Mantung Division are blatant lies tellers given that they take credit for development projects that have been carried out by the SDF or influenced directly by his party.
According to Hon. Awudu Mbaya the declaration by Dr Nick Ngwanyam that the portion of road from Mbot to Tabenken was constructed by Gerald Ngala, CPDM elite is a blatant lie. Harping on Dr. Nick’s verbal diarrhea Hon. Awudu Mbaya said that Dr. Nick Ngwanyam who claims to be a development luminary has no residence in the village and not to talk of having knowledge of development projects in Donga Mantung Division.
To Awudu Mbaya, Dr Nick Ngwanyam “displayed intellectual dishonesty when he claimed that Gerald Ngala constructed the said stretch of road”.Awudu went ahead to challenge Dr Nick Ngwanyam to state what he has done for Donga Mantung apart from “a few scholarships” that he has offered to the division. “I remember Dr. Ngwanyam opened a branch of St. Louis in Nkambe, infact he should tell us what happened to the school at the point that he was talking of having the knack to create 5000 jobs”. Besides stating that he (Awudu Mbaya) has offered far more scholarships that Dr Ngwanyam “whose constituency ends only at his St Louis Clinic” in Bamenda, the stretch of road under contest was constructed with fcfa 75 million from the state and not from somebody’s pocket as Dr. Ngwanyam claimed. The said amount, Awudu reiterated was lobbied by him in his capacity as the chairman of the regional committee of the follow up committee for the public investment budget. Awudu lamented “it’s shocking that for a man who claims to know everything, Dr Nick Ngwanyam does not even know that government can’t allow an individual to construct even a kilometre of public road. He is telling lies simply because he is in a hurry to see me out of parliament”.  Awudu further challenged Dr Nick to go and read the signboard on the contested stretch of road which reads “public investment budget 2012-mandated to the North West Regional Delegation of Public Works and to last three months eventhough Ngwanyam claims that Ngala constructed the road in four months”.
Besides stating that his going back to parliament is not a do or die affair, Awudu said he has been in parliament since 1997 and even before that was a wealthy businessman in Douala. The MP noted that he constructed his first house in Nkambe in 1978 and another in Njap village in 1980.On some of his achievements in parliament, Honourable Awudu Mbaya listed the provision of electricity to several villages including Njap ,Ngi,Mbot,Kungi,Chup,Wat right down Mbah and Mbuwar Government school ,Wowo village,Njilah ,and soon there will soon be electricity in Kup,Wanti and Mba’a palaces .Last year the former SDO for Donga Mantung,Nzeki Theophile and SDF chieftain Ni John Fru Ndi were in Tabenken to inaugurate two bridges worth fcfa 16 million constructed by the MP. Awudu also counted the roofing of schools in Taku,  Mbirbo and schools in Tabenken as well as churches in the area and youth halls. The most recent being the two youth halls at Mbabi-Wat.
On the recently ended senatorial elections Honourable Awudu Mbaya lashed out at Dr Nick Nick Ngwanyam for accusing the SDF for not spending enough money on its councilors to win the elections. Hear him ”Dr Nick Ngwanyam spends time talking about chairman Fru Ndi whom he claims did not share money to councilors .Ngwanyam was the first person who declared his candidature for the senate and I used to encourage him and even call him senator. But from the look of things, I believe in his queer method of doing things that prevented his list from going through. He was unable to constitute a list and was unable to be selected from within his CPDM party but does not talk about that. Dr Nick Ngwanyam should tell us how many bridges he has contributed for their construction in his village.He should tell us the contribution he has made to his Ntundip village of origin as far as development projects concerned .He should not only be quick to criticize others. All that he has done is for himself is that he has constructed his St Louis Clinic and of course people should know that the regime Dr Ngwanyam is today supporting chased him from Bertoua when he gave a true autopsy report about someone who was murdered.The name Louis which he has named the clinic after is the boy who was killed in Bertoua”.
Honourable Awudu went ahead to state that though he has all along supported Shey Jones Yembe including working to make him member of government, “but if he thinks all he can do is to empty his accounts to get me out of parliament, then they should wear their boots because I would not like to see them moving around with bare feet simply because they want me out of parliament”.
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